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  1. EntitySeventySeven says:

    I’m still a vegan, lol.

  2. edstar83 says:

    @Dysic I love avocados man.

  3. natureasintended says:

    It isn’t going against nature to wrap your fruits and veggies up in a lettuce leaf.
    Like yourself, I feel better without avocados. Love and peace.

  4. dr88ought says:

    @durianriders I will wait a short while as the 910xt will come out and the price on the 310xt will drop, then I will get the model w/ the heart rate monitor. thanks for the details.

  5. durianriders says:

    @dr88ought Yes you need the HR strap if you want to run hills and want to be faster at the top vs the bottom by keeping your HR under LT.

    910xt is great if your a swimmer that needs swim feedback data. Otherwise the 310xt is good enough.

  6. highsugarfruit says:

    Who needs recipes? Mono meals are best and don’t much time to prepare.

  7. silentjealousy77 says:

    I like her I just subscribed.

  8. Reichilu says:

    Lookin’ good in this vid Harley!

  9. rmalta69 says:

    @Dysic Lol! Relax, man.. it’s one ingredient.

  10. Dysic says:

    This is a HIGH FAT, Low Protein, Low Carb meal. Get your facts strait. Avocados are almost pure fat.

  11. Dysic says:

    Since when do vegetable fruit wraps grow on trees?

  12. kelhado says:

    @dr88ought no, you don’t need the heart rate monitor. you can get that later if you decide you want it, you can also get a compatible one for less than $50. also, the 910xt is coming soon so I recommend waiting to get that one, or wait until it comes out and the price of 310xt drops

  13. dr88ought says:

    @durianriders just to clarify, do I need the heart monitor chest strap (as well as the watch?) to do heart rate monitor, garmin’s shop says “applicable accessory” and I want to be sure I get the right order in first time. Thanks. (cheers its 6 bananas so far for breakfast here!)

  14. LloydChristmas777 says:

    Very easy, very healthy, very inexpensive. What more can a healthy person ask for? Thanks.

  15. durianriders says:

    @dr88ought 310xt does HR and pacing + a whole lot more like gradient, av pace. It also works with ANT+ power meters.

  16. dr88ought says:

    hi all! I know harley recommends the garmin forerunner 310xt for pacing but what do you recommend for a compatible OR stand-alone heart rate monitor? thanks for the feedback!

  17. faylinameir says:

    @NoCommentChick of course it is! =) saurkraut and cole slaw is make with raw cabbage, and usually in the “garden” salad mix in the score you get slices of raw red cabbage

  18. natureasintended says:


  19. natureasintended says:

    That’s an evening salad I’m tempted by; yummy.
    Christina, please make a video with your weight loss photos. It would be great to see more raw inspiration for others.

  20. potterylady1 says:

    Wow that looks good!

  21. NoCommentChick says:

    Raw Cabbage Leaf: digestible?

  22. TheAmberFiles says:

    Well, isn’t she just the cutest thing you’ve ever seen? ^w^

  23. besthusbandpedro says:

    I eat these everyday with different varieties!! There so good !!

  24. sqeye says:

    Is there a raw food academy handing out raw food ‘chef’ qualifications?! Chef is the new un-cook… 😛

  25. youarethedeal says:

    oh thanks for the tip on choosing a mango I didnt know that.

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