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  1. Juan P says:

    i hate crystal vibe talk from a dirty hippy

  2. Godtaughtmehow says:

    Awesome. The less I eat and the more I breath, the more alive I am…
    Live food = Life

  3. grizzlebeans says:

    They speak Russian in Africa? :0) love the accent.

  4. happiest65 says:

    Hey, dan, you should have a string of restaurants with a big green m outside, called mc donalds,

  5. paisleyyama says:

    I liked this video. Most vegan videos turn me off w/the condescending moralizing and fanatacism, but this guy seems nice. He`s the kind of person you can sit back and listen to.

  6. mochixchan says:

    wow…..i really like listening to you. geez, you make good points 😀

  7. Jack Hu says:

    how many hours of sleep do you need? thank you

  8. Jack Hu says:

    how many hours of sleep do you need? thank you

  9. bevon17 says:

    lol that accent 

  10. ysharsharp says:

    ur hot

  11. Angelicax502 says:

    Are you Jesus reincarnated?

  12. Joe Serrano says:

    LOL,….a coupla years ago, working for the BLM in the boondocks, Peter and Loren and Marissa stated they were vegans,….no meat,….Roy, Kevin, Mary and me said we ate all foods,…thus we’re omnivores, but…..Chad said wt…..”I’m a scavenger,…..he ate anything edible that would be presented him!lol…..!

  13. tabby60601 says:


  14. rich0292 says:

    This guy is so Zen 🙂

  15. NassimHarameinVedas says:

    Love Your video man. You’re starting to sound like a Yogi here. : )
    The ultimate goal is not to have “Good Karma” but to transcend all effects of Karma.
    To be free from effects of fruitive actions is the ultimate goal.
    Bhagavad-Gita As It Is by A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada will accelerate Your personal evolution by thousands of years and save You from having to keep staying in the material pool of creation aka the cycle of life and death.
    I agree that most should do as they desire.

  16. eddie vasquez says:

    This man is a revolutionary! haha jk. I like your thinking though, down with hate and negativity, man.

  17. TheNaramatu says:

    Thanks for bringing up the point (while I don’t believe Karma explains everyone’s place or space-time reference/spiritual “pilgrimage”) that here in America we are privelaged (PRIVELAGED) enough to buy whole organic etc, or binge on alcohol we can do that too. Either way it’s a privelage because of where we are. You said something that related to me. And that is that “Nothing is Necessary”.

  18. 36cypher says:

    right on bro

  19. 36cypher says:

    right on bro

  20. jacksonjacksonjjj says:

    Life Regenerator!!
    I watched many of your videos for weeks and I have been enjoying it.
    I found out that serving God might be one of your motivations to maintain your raw foodism (? I think that’s right) I am not sure what you religion is, so I can’t really say anything.. anyways, I love your videos, and your video is motivating me to make a transition to vegan (I was, but I had fish every once in a while, and I quit it about 2 weeks ago. ) Thanks for your videos though!!!

  21. holcsor says:

    dig this dan:

    by withdrawing from the war you have won the war.


  22. anna douglas says:

    I think it is beautiful that you respect other peoples beliefs and dont push yours on others. A lot of people think of raw foodists or vegans sometimes get full of themselves, and I think you set a great example of someone all people can respect. 🙂
    You have become a role model to me (dont worry I’m not a “follower” as you might say haha)

  23. michelstube says:

    you look healthy

  24. tickyul says:

    Another reason to avoid the Vegan Diet is EFA deficiency, primarily DHA/EPA. Plant based Omega3 efa, known as Alpha Linolenic acid has to be converted for your body to use as DHA/EPA, this conversion rate in humans is very low, usually at a rate of 1-4%. Jesus, the saviour of the world ate fish, it should be ok for everyone else.

  25. Justbustin says:

    I love the spontaneous vids easily heart felt

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