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Video Rating: 4 / 5


  1. RawrImareddinosaur says:

    *jack Russell´╗┐ for a wonder or go shopping at the metro centre! Believe me it counts as exercise bag lifting dancing to get a pain of leggings or skinnys on and wondering to every shop for hours! And having a bubblegum 40p drink at the end , because I’m cool lol ­čÖé

  2. RawrImareddinosaur says:

    I just wake up later then have like sumin´╗┐ little and go with me littlemj

  3. pinkfiree58 says:

    the last´╗┐ thing i like to do is eat kittens… nananananaa LOL

  4. BustedMedia says:

    Your voice is so sexy. Love a British accent on a´╗┐ woman.

  5. Mohrkai says:

    that’s one extra laugh towards me´╗┐ heart-attack

  6. cherrybrandy123 says:

    that poor poor cat! lool xoxo´╗┐

  7. MorganFlowers says:

    all i learned is that in order to lose wait, you have to eat pussy´╗┐ and rub it all over your face! <3 haha

  8. mariahshuler says:

    much better than´╗┐ jennamarbles

  9. TheEculp says:


  10. SophieeeGeorgiaaa says:

    im craving wotsits´╗┐ now-.-

  11. jmanchester613 says:

    awww whats kittens name?´╗┐

  12. Lazcanita01 says:

    Its Geordie.´╗┐

  13. littlebigshortz says:

    Phhwwooaaar´╗┐ thats a nice pusssaaaayy!

  14. TheBodybuilder16 says:

    @11thhourreprieve´╗┐ HAHAHAHA

  15. MatteusNova says:

    If´╗┐ it ain’t Scottish!!! It’s craaap!!! :>

  16. russianangel09 says:

    the chips made me hungry´╗┐ xD

  17. aimeeosbornex says:

    LOL this is´╗┐ jokesss

  18. lovelylips246 says:

    Next thing I like to´╗┐ eat kittens hahahahahahah

  19. TheHollistarx says:

    I subscribe u´╗┐ xxxxx

  20. TheHollistarx says:

    Lov´╗┐ ur hair!!!

  21. pinkmusiicluva says:

    I actually love you. Be my´╗┐ friend. Please.

  22. lovelylips246 says:

    You should do a tutorial´╗┐ on how to be old that’d be proper gas

  23. CourtneyLICI0US says:

    ha ha ha your fuckin´╗┐ awesome

  24. kena772 says:

    I love´╗┐ your hair

  25. Lazcanita01 says:

    And you don’t need´╗┐ to tell her how to do her make up ­čÖé

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