SEXY TONED BUTT How to get a sexy toned ass? Want a sexy toned rump? You have come to the right place! Here are the health & fitness tips indicated in the video. Sleep, water, sugar sufficiency must be the daily focus. Sun + sport must be the weekly focus. Making the world a better place…
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  1. constillustrus says:

    Nice man…nice….:)

  2. PrincessFelore says:

    girls please build those asses – guys will love you and more for that 😉

  3. 7millionDollar says:

    right click, stop download, thank me later

  4. Nrisagieri says:

    The man in this video sort of looks like Rupet Friend meets Ben Whishaw. Good looking fellow.

  5. 616Fitness says:

    ok thanks man! 

  6. durianriders says:

    Spend 900$ and get a base model trek, giant, specialized etc from a shop that has a good reputation in bike fit. Mark all your measurements on the bike with a white out pen.

  7. durianriders says:

    Get a garmin 310 or 910 so then its accurate. Or just mark out a 800 loop and use a 50c stop watch from the thrift store. Easy.

  8. durianriders says:

    Get your 4k time under 16 before you worry about the longer distances. Get good at shorts stuff before you worry about getting good at longer stuff. 🙂

  9. 616Fitness says:

    also, do you know if there’s an app or something on the ipod that can measure how many mintues you do the 800 m? I really want to make sure Ii’m doing it right

  10. 616Fitness says:

    so if I ran 3.8 km and it too me about 20 mins or doubled it to 7.6 km for about 35 mins…would that do it? on top of the diet

  11. zenpsyche says:

    Hey Harley, Love your vids…. I went 801010 about a month ago and love it!! People laugh at me when I come to work with a crapload of bananas and other fruits…. LOL… Do you have any recommendations for a road bike for under $300 usd? I want my old booty back!!

  12. anniemedicalmassage says:

    I love you Harley ! You are the best !

  13. durianriders says:

    For sure! BUT (pun intended) one must build a base level fitness first or they will get injured REALLY quickly.

  14. oviandius says:

    What about sprints, Harley, like metod of training for muscular tone. What do you say?

  15. jukijunk says:

    Pig is too cute!!!!

  16. somethought says:

    This is like my favorite video. Very useful 🙂

  17. ustolemypie2 says:

    They all SQUAT cans

  18. haaythur says:

    dat ass

  19. yourshitsisweak says:

    They could be arse models 100% !

  20. MrBoxinB says:

    The speech impediment makes him funny

  21. erikthewarm says:

    Hey, Harley, I figured the name of the slim fatbutt. Her name is Idon’tcare. I’d rather have the girls with the sweet cheeks. I’ll pass this on to the girls at Gold’s Gym.

  22. fUP420babe says:

    thank you so much! this video was inspiring and i live neer a track but wan sure how man times it was

  23. MissEvaSimone says:

    I’m going to guess that celebrity ass belongs to Tara Reid?

  24. iQueeny says:

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  25. Ess Jay says:

    So, what celebrity butt was that at 9:40?

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