Shayloss Dieting Tips!

At my heaviest I used to weigh a little over 190lbs. Through diet and exercise I’m now down to around 165lbs. Here is one little tip I have for losing weight and still eating something that’s good. TEAM SHAYLOSS 4LYFE! TWITTER: FACEBOOK: And be sure to subscribe to my main channel!!!

24 Responses to Shayloss Dieting Tips!

  1. HyperSugarKid says:

    That was a´╗┐ very american way to eat healthy ­čÖé

  2. dwermes says:

    @natalievegas at :42, that sandwhich looks like´╗┐ more bread and lettuce/spinach than meat. Anyone who’s ever eaten at a Subway knows how thin those cuts are.

  3. kevinbrueck2 says:

    @natalievegas Imposing your ideas is exactly what you’re doing. Tell ya what, you eat what you´╗┐ want and I’ll eat what I want.

  4. natalievegas says:

    Good job on your health goals but I wish you knew how bad meat is for you. I recently watched that documentary forks over knives and learned just how bad meat is for people. nor trying to impose my ideas on you but´╗┐ check it out

  5. tataeco1 says:

    yo.. had you ever been inspired by the Acuspeed 24´╗┐ Diet (do a google search)? I keep hearing some amazing talk about it and my cousin got rid of lots of pounds trying it.

  6. Cherylyiyi says:

    I got´╗┐ food poisioning from subway : /

  7. FanfictionAffliction says:

    @irishgeal1 His point wasn’t that it’s a super healthy thing to eat, his point was that it’s just as much food with only half the bread, which is a good way to cut carbs if you’re going to eat at´╗┐ subway anyway.

  8. lsisoccer5 says:

    @KroNikxPkades that sucks´╗┐

  9. lsisoccer5 says:

    i weighed 145 last´╗┐ september! now im 185!…oh weight wrong direction?

  10. KroNikxPkades says:

    My mum works at subway.´╗┐

  11. kevinbrueck2 says:

    @irishgeal1 Well gee thanks Gillian Michaels. It might not be the “healthiest” meal on the planet but its a better alternative than McDonalds. I’m trying to get people to eat healthier. Not everyone on the planet can eat bluefin tuna wrapped in kale and organic eel farts or whatever´╗┐ the hell you think is healthier. Besides, I’m probably in better shape than you so why don’t suck on my Subway $5 footlong beyotch!

  12. irishgeal1 says:

    lmao, thats a killer diet tip, full of trans fats and aspartame, you really need to check out mike adams, the health ranger. before you bring down half the country with very´╗┐ bad health tips.

  13. 64Retro says:

    Kevin, what height are you at at 165lbs? Hard to judge someone’s weight when the height is not given. What´╗┐ are you, like 5’10” or something?

  14. kevinbrueck says:

    @vts101 Well, if you want to change your life its up to you. But you have to WANT to change. At the end of the day, especially at that kind´╗┐ of weight, it literally becomes a life and death issue. I hope you can get motivated and start losing some weight:)

  15. SpecialQue85 says:

    Never thought about doing the double meat 6 incher,´╗┐ thanks for the tip!

  16. Zarrell says:

    Skip the´╗┐ coke & chips and you might be on to something. ­čÖé

  17. aptand says:

    @kevinbrueck2 It looked alot like product placement the first 2 shots of this video, that’s why I thought so. I didn’t think of how “small” of a youtuber you are. I love your friday show tho, it deserves more views. Keep up the good work!´╗┐

  18. kevinbrueck2 says:

    @aptand Hahaha, I wish! They totally should sponsor me. But something tells me they’d only bother paying youtubers´╗┐ who actually get views on their videos.

  19. aptand says:

    You got a banktransfer from Subway´╗┐ in the last few days

  20. kevinbrueck2 says:

    @iPaulTV´╗┐ Good for you dude! Keep at it:D

  21. iPaulTV says:

    i was 170 lbs a few months ago. now i’m at 155´╗┐ lbs. my goal is 145

  22. soscot says:

    i’m sorry, too much proteins´╗┐

  23. vts101 says:

    @kevinbrueck2 I’m officially ashamed to say that I am exactly double your weight. No´╗┐ joke double.

  24. vts101 says:

    Man I love subway.´╗┐ I always get 6 inch sweet onion chicken teriyaki double meat with lettuce tomato and onions. Man this is making me hungry.

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