Short before & after weight loss video

My heighest weight was 200lb I was a size 18 and very very unhappy, I started restricting severley and within a few months I was down to 130lbs I still want to lose more but here is a video of how I look now
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  1. juanitarea says:

    Gastric bypass. That’s what you did

  2. isos2triple0 says:

    MUSCLE BURNS FAT!! Eat clean do cardio and weight training and give yourself time!! You did’nt get fat over night so don”t expect it to come off over night! Set real goals and stick with them and for the love of the light bringer eat carbs we need them to live (oatmeal, quiona, whole wheat bread etc)

  3. isos2triple0 says:

    You will gain it back plus some sorry it”s just the truth when you do anything besides eat clean and excerise it will come back at some point. More then likely when you have a child. Sorry but it’s the truth and it”s apparent you did not lift weight because your arms have no muscle tone. But in all honestly I’m not trying to be a hater and I hope it works out for you.

  4. babygirlkim21 says:

    500 calories a day is so unhealthy and actually slows your metabolism down to almost non existent. Try 1200 to 1500 calories a day with exercise! Never skip meals, just eat healthy and have dinner no later than 6pm. 🙂

  5. hardcore42192 says:

    amazing you a hardcore, and you is nice to

  6. SalsaSelsa says:

    Watching the video for a 2nd time, you look amazing. Congratulations and thank you for sharing your story, it’s an inspiration for those who are need of encouragement……..Selsa

  7. LARiotGrrl says:

    @haylieclaire @carlabean007 is right.Ur skinny but proly super soft aka skinny-fat.I’ve been in ur situation b4 so hear me out. Once u start eating again (& eventually u will) u will BALLOON. If you want to avoid this gradually increase ur caloric intake w/healthy foods;U should be eating anywhere from 1500-1800.Workout w/an emphasis on weights.Muscle will raise ur metabolism. Only saying this because I’ve been there & back. (this type of dieting is borderline eating disorder)

  8. monazabdel says:

    Amazing!! You look beautiful u don’t need to lose anymore!

  9. AGlitterrificBlonde says:

    Good for you! So happy for your progress! I am working on it myself right now…. Wish me luck!! You look beautiful!!

  10. carlabean007 says:

    And this is what an anorexic sounds like! 400-500 calories a day is not enough, you a were/are probably so male nourished. If you dont eat atleast 1200 calories a day your body goes into starvation mode. Going to bed hungry everynight and having a “fear” of eating is bullshit talk. Eat when your hungry, just eat the right foods. Doing a weight loss journey should be a happy time, never sad. I feel bad for you. You totally did it the wrong way and will prob put the weight back on.

  11. toppgunn2232 says:

    you should look into the 8-1-1 diet i eat all day long and have dropped 80 lbs in 6 months along with exercise!no going hungry if i feel hungary i just eat!

  12. Perscenthe says:

    It’s really not that hard. If you eat 500 cals a day in fruits/veggies you definitely feel full. Hard diets like this are unhealthy, yes, but a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do. 🙂

  13. s4llymeetsh4rry says:

    @Andrew4me Can you believe it? you actually lost 110lbs in just a few weeks? i told you they have a great diet methods and programs…

    P.S= you misspelled it.. its WeightLossAction.Info.. 🙂

  14. denvermatt says:

    You’re so sad!

  15. youngableify says:

    i swear people who were overweight and lose weight always turn out stunning.You are so pretty, congrats on the weight loss you look amazing. Just shows what you can do with a lot of hard work, Congratulations.

  16. TheCosmoCoco says:

    I can only say Fantastic!!! I’m about 159 punds right now, I wanna go down to 127/125 pounds! I started eating only proteins ! Your pics are so motivating!

  17. MsLegaC says:

    never thought i’d be sitting here all day watching youtube but i did haha and i’m glad i did. you rock. u should check out some of my videos too if u get a chance

  18. DoingCindy says:

    You look absolutely amazing. I currently weigh 230 @ 5’7″.I want to get down to about 120-140lbs. I’m going to probably eat around 300-500 calories a day of vegtables…. & a piece of boiled chicken once a week. & drink a ton of water. I figure it will take 4-5months. Which is nothing when I think about it.. like how the hell did I allow myself to keep getting more fat!? & so depressed about it.. Thanks for such an inspiring story. Did you use any vitamins?

  19. ThePepemaria says:

    you look very good!!!!!!!!!!Do not loose any more..

  20. carrieonable says:

    eat grapefruit with meals. u lose weight

  21. HOLIDAY112 says:

    Jesus 500 cals a day!?!? That’s just fucking insane. And stupid. And unhealthy

  22. WYtjai says:

    Sooooo inspiring. Thank you! -3

  23. destinyisbeautiful says:

    wow great job girl you have helped inspire me

  24. hawaiiayun says:

    Did you have any loose skin or stretch marks?

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