SIMPLE GREEN JUICE RECIPE! Healthy recipes for weight loss! * A DELICIOUS GREEN JUICE RECIPE FOR YOUR RADIANT HEALTH! You can do this! ­čśÇ Love, Dan …
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23 Responses to SIMPLE GREEN JUICE RECIPE! Healthy recipes for weight loss!

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  6. Sheilah Large says:

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  7. DannyLrides says:

    Dan the´╗┐ man!

  8. thrusty says:

    Hi Dan, I bought my 1st juicer a manual wheatgrass juicer, that produces more juice with more quality than´╗┐ the centrifugal ones. I really need to lose weight, I’ll search for smothies recepies to make on breakfast and green juices in between the main meals. Is it ok to drink almost a liter (35 ocz) in the breakfast of a smothie? I need to keep me going mentaly and without food cravings for at least 2 or 3 hours. Can you help me out? I’ll grow wheatgrass as soon as possible.

  9. Kristel An Pineda says:

    Hi!! I like all your video. I have some question. I making a raw green juice for my husband everyday. But he´╗┐ still eating 1 meal a day with rice and meat. Is he can lose weight with that?

  10. Un4givScap3 says:

    Do you ever eat? Or did you just drink vegetable´╗┐ and fruit juices? i know this comment is a year old but im just wondering

  11. ChLoMiEsTeR says:

    thanks for sharing!! im 21, just trying to not get my mamas health… gotta start young i here so i just got a juicer and really the hardest thng is just figuring out how MUCH do i really need´╗┐ to eat to be healthy, and how to keep it at a variety. plus im breastfeeding my first baby, and ultimitely, createthe best eATing habbits that he can eat like oneday…

  12. weightlossdeni says:

    So´╗┐ like…I love you.

  13. Vill3tt32009 says:

    Any juice recipes for acne &/or for the treatment of even hair loss? not severe but its seems to be creepn up lately.

    million thanx and Keep´╗┐ up the outstanding work!
    Mother N Daughter, huge fans in NYC!

  14. Labildy says:

    I was looking for some green juice recipes and I am really happy to find you, I started to go raw 2 weeks ago…..I DEFINITELY share your way of thinking ,Nature provides us with all we need ………It enriches our body,mind and soul….THANKs!!!!! for sharing your knowledge. ´╗┐ Paz Profunda…….my friend

  15. Colette Colletti says:

    Thanks for´╗┐ the video.

  16. quietstorm403 says:

    Yes it will keep just fine if you keep the juice COLD ! thats all there is to it , ´╗┐ very simple ; )

  17. beaverbox says:

    hello dan
    just a quick question for ya
    i have just got my self a juicer and so that i don’t wake the hole family in the morning i just need to know if i make a juice at night 19:00 will it keep till the morning lets say 06:30 will´╗┐ it go off
    please let me know and keep up the good work fella

  18. liferegenerator says:

    I use organic cucumber and I´╗┐ do not peel them…

  19. heloise9 says:

    Definately subscribed – in the middle of watching the first video I found subscribed! Thanks for the info, and much love!´╗┐

  20. liferegenerator says:

    Breville juice fountain elite! Did you subscribe? ´╗┐ I would really like it if you did….Peace

  21. heloise9 says:

    Perhaps you already discuss this on another video (I just discovered your channel tonight), but what type of juicer do you have? It seems so easy to use. I have a greenstar, and I have to force myself to use it everyday! Thanks, and I’m really happy I stumbled across your´╗┐ channel!

  22. Richard Williams says:

    You certainly are´╗┐ one cool dude, Dan!!

  23. boilersfan51 says:

    I have been watching your videos for several weeks now and I have to say….you are one of the VERY few raw foodists out there that doesn’t seem to have any agenda….you really seem to care about the´╗┐ health of people and aren’t trying to sell something….although, I believe you could really sell what you know verbally as in a book….at least you don’t have some cure all product that will change your life kind of thing……keep the videos coming, buddy….

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