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25 Responses to SKINNY TIPS plus my DIET

  1. Sopsiable says:

    @zuburgirl protein is basically in EVERYTHING exept alcohol + sugar. every heard of a lack of proteine? Nope. Mainly greens veggies contain lots of protein (+ iron if that’s gonna be your next argument)
    and there are lots of vegetarian/ vegan athletes. everything is possible. we don’t rely on meat/mil/etc anymore.We CAN choose now, there are so many different types of food… do you know quinoa, couscous, tempeh, every had almond milk?
    And in my opinion:there’s no decent way to kill

  2. zuburgirl says:

    So what is a sanitary, descent way to kill an animal? Do you know you are killing yourself if you don’t eat proteins? Milk and meat- that’s PROTEIN. Your bones get weaker, your teeth and your muscles.

  3. gracem013 says:

    Humans have been eating meat and animals products for thousands of years, there’s no way it’s suddenly bad for us. If you want to lose weight for bikini season burn more calories than you consume either through increased exercise or decreased calorie intake. Simple.

  4. gintare138 says:

    Well it is all about portion control. You can eat whatever you want if you just stay under your calorie limit…

  5. Contraproductive says:

    I’m not panicking about ‘bikini season’. I’m a girl. Shocking, right? Don’t center your life around making random dudes wanting to fuck you. It’s just sad.

  6. PiGLET4LYF says:

    cage free eggs arent bad. besides fish thats another source of protein

  7. PiGLET4LYF says:

    eggs are sooo healthy for you!!!

  8. snowsamurai00 says:

    I used to eat just like you (no chicken etc…not diary, just fish). Now i try to be Vegan.  I felt really good eating fish…now I’m seriously considering going back to being a pesco. Hmm thanks for the vid.

  9. snowsamurai00 says:

    @PllSpoby It’s okay, but if you are trying to keep the habit of drinking it and without sugar try to get any kind that isn’t in a box….that’s just a weird thing that all the not so good tea has in common. A really good loose tea is “the tao of tea”….a really good bagged tea is “Zhyna’s Gypsy”.

  10. julide88 says:

    lol i was just about to say woah your background is like optical illusion until i realized its the curtains 🙂

  11. oOninellaOo says:

    i don’t even know why i’m watching this, i just clicked on it while eating my dessert xd

  12. kizzamanizza1 says:

    Porrage with soya milk and a bit of water is a miracle breakfast! I shove a few blueberries on mine in the morning, don’t add sugar or salt to it! Keeps me full right up to lunchtime as it is a slow releasing energy food! You just don’t want to eat anything else until then…Also I try and drink up to 2 litres of water a day as well as green tea! You’re tips are fantastic though! I’m really interested to see what happens with the apple cider vinegar trick! Is it like a detox or something?

  13. PllSpoby says:

    well is it okay to use lipton then?

  14. nanissLovee09 says:

    In the Morning Do you drink the apple cider vinegar and then drink a shake?

  15. MinecraftFid says:

    *eats ice-cream* what?

  16. yoyozippy1 says:

    So steryotipically you are saying all girls who want to become slim or are slim want to wear bikins what about the other percentage who are proud of who they are slim or not???

  17. NoPainNoGain121 says:

    omg thank you that was great i think its really smart to put up what you have learned and what you do with your life i have been following similarly the same way but i cant nessisarily say i cut out all packaged food because where i live we dont have much else but i do limit my in take of packaged stuff to maybe a couple of things

  18. itsTanyasChannel says:

    You’re probably talking about Katya! She’s amazing. 🙂

  19. kawaiinekoish says:

    @Yuliya1522 Thank you!!!:)

  20. Yuliya1522 says:

    @kawaiinekoish Hi. Necessarily combine a diet and sports. And certainly, a healthy way of life. Alcohol – isn’t present, the cigaret – isn’t present! I can throw off the reference to the tremendous girl, it the professional coach. Truth of its video in Russian, but it lives in America and perfectly knows language. Its exercises is simply super!! I guarantee that you will have the most ideal figure! Juliya from Russia 🙂

  21. Shopaholic03xx says:

    @Sliprez Have you had your thyroid gland checked? If you have hypothyroidism (under active thyroid), that can prevent you from weight loss, no matter how hard you are trying. Also, if you have that low of a caloric intake and you work out as much as you say that you do daily, your body could be in a state of starvation. You could be overdoing it. In this state, your body holds on to everything you eat because it is starving. Don’t over do it, eat lots of protein and veggies. Good luck!

  22. BlueAndPINK666 says:

    you look like adele

  23. marianasvideos says:

    i watched this while eating a cookie… God is trying to tell me something…

  24. bncooltina says:

    How about green tea with splenda?

  25. xglitter3ugx says:

    @kawaiinekoish If you’re taller than ur friends then you’re bound to weigh more than them because the extra bones etc that make up your height weigh up too. It doesn’t mean that ur fatter or need to lose weight! I weigh a lot more than friends who I share clothes with and more than some of my curvier friends even because I have more muscle. Muscle weighs more than fat so if you’re leaner and more toned than your friends then you’ll naturally weigh more. If u know u don’t LOOK fat then u aren’t!!

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