slimming world tips/ideas etc

faster pasta and homemade christmas xxxxx
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  1. tamsgettingslimmer says:

    will be doing some shortly hun im excited cant wait to get in the christmas spirit 🙂 xxxxxxxxxxx

  2. srml86 says:

    Ah tam I’m really looking forward to ur Xmas video 🙂 I’m doing a few homemade Xmas presents. Please please please put some xmassy bits up 🙂

  3. TheAmethystbutterfly says:

    Aww thanks hun… I’m only moving to my old Channel so you can still watch them there :o) Its kad4life channel, if you have probs finding it let me know. I’ve put the 2 vids I have already from the Slimming world diary on there xxxx

  4. tamsgettingslimmer says:

    awwww thats a shame honey i like watching them,let me know where youre moving too xxxxxxx

  5. TheAmethystbutterfly says:

    That fast pasta thing looks good. Good luck with xmas, you’re good for doing that. I will be having a bit more of a treat over xmas tho, I’m making home made Cheese Cake. I’ve worked it out to have a lil treat every 2 weeks so xmas should fall around then. I’m not going to be doing anymore Slimming world videos on this Channel, moving back to my old one . Will be making a quick vid Tuesday about it all xx

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