Slim&Youthful-Superfoods-Part 3

Really sorry Part III is going up before Part II…Part II concentrates on losing weight…Part III on Superfoods..Part II will be uploaded tomorrow :-))) Have a great weekend x Disclaimer: Remember if you have certain medical conditions then even the superfoods may be bad for you. For example Grapefruit interferes with medications; spinach contains oxalates if you have kidney problems. ALWAYS consult your doctor if you have medical issues and are embarking on a new dietary regime.
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5 Responses to Slim&Youthful-Superfoods-Part 3

  1. Tonks1967 says:

    Thanks for the info!! My diet is pretty much the same!! You have a great day!!

  2. fancyladydiane1 says:

    Thankk u so much hunnie& im very careful of any & everything i injest i hav to bring all my meds every 2 months to the rhoumtoligst i go to so they know everything i take so there is no dangersor bad reactions,but yes a lot of yur info is things i should & could do as far as the foods,i am on a tight budget,but there are always wise choices u mention,)0hh thankks hun for the sweet comment on my channel too!x0x

  3. LittleMissForty says:

    I really hope my advice helps you ladydiane. Just remember that even “natural” foods can interfere with some medications and also exacerbate some medical conditions. Nevertheless, a whole food, (organic if your budget stretches to key items) and a lack of refined sugar and processed foods can really help us all. You look amazing in your videos, but it is not how you look, it is how you feel. I wish you a very speedy return to full health

  4. fancyladydiane1 says:

    ive been diagonised with sle lupus,& im on chemo therapy for it so i get very weak & i always need healthy choices to help me,& these sound wonderful~

  5. fancyladydiane1 says:

    Loving yur videos ive subbed~

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