Spring Break Diet Tips!

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25 Responses to Spring Break Diet Tips!

  1. HatifQI says:

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  2. p0utp0urri says:

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  3. dietsolutions77 says:

    Nice Diet Info on your site . look forward to more vids

  4. lovemeg1 says:

    yes @Shokeybutsi , but they eat 3 handfull of it everyday,one on breakfast, lunch and dinnner with lots of protein and veggies. Their portions are small

  5. anime3moncherrat says:

    @KiKiTheTechie true and plus, that’s their body complexion, AND u would say they eat white rice, but let’s say it’s white rice with the serving of a teacup, Thats all ur eating so when u eat that u dont add anything else, u do know that right? and also they have a natural diet that involvess green tea, lots of veggies, fruits, and lets just say that their more simple than americans, not the much snacks and artificial fats and sugars, Okey? KAY! umm yeah i hang around with jap so U get 2 know.

  6. gwk4657 says:

    Good job on your video I liked it very much!

  7. TheWholefoodfarmacy says:

    Good job on your video I liked it very much!

  8. garlina87 says:

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  9. silentsoliloquy82 says:

    For this video. Aspartame in diet soda spikes the appetite of some and it causes them to eat more which puts on weight. And rice is indeed a staple of multiple Asian cultures. Let’s not be misleading, please. However, everyone’s body is different so you need to see what works for you. 🙂

  10. silentsoliloquy82 says:


    Many eat plenty of dairy, lol. Potatoes and bread are consumed, also, just not the quantity of westerners. It was in the 50’s and earlier that Japanese people consumed very little dairy,

  11. StudentFortune says:

    All great things to remember!!!

  12. m1zzn1kk1 says:


  13. KiKiTheTechie says:

    people in japan eat tons of white rice and they are thin and healthy.. and live longer than we do. what they don’t eat is bread, potatoes and dairy.

  14. waosoad says:

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  15. RWJonathan says:

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  16. rairaiken20 says:


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  20. kirbysir675 says:

    ill prolly die if idont get any sugar no apple or orange juice!? or white rice? wtffff

  21. Mikkixox9 says:

    @ThoughtPatterns somethings have no sugar and calories and somethings have no calories and sugar you can have one without the other. And I don’t like pop because like I said pop makes you more thirsty than you were to begin with. So whats the point?

  22. ThoughtPatterns says:


    Sugar contains calories… diet soda does not contain calories and therefore contains no sugar. If someone wants to cite peer-reviewed scientific studies that moderate diet soda consumption is in any way harmful, I would love to read them. You won’t find any, because they don’t exist.

    I know its currently cool to be anti-everything, but just because someone claims something it doesn’t make it true without scientific evidence.

  23. Mikkixox9 says:

    @ThoughtPatterns Soda all together isn’t good for you. When you drink pop it makes you more thirsty than before. And just because its zero calories doesn’t mean it doesn’t have lots of sugar!

  24. wakuppppp says:

    if i don`t make any exercise how much carbs i shoulde eat?

  25. rachelbigm says:

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