Staple Foods And Supplements For Vegans Diet!!!!

Gareth Manfred Graff At Restoretheplanet Talks About The Best Staple Foods And Supplements For Vegans Diet!!! you can follow RESTORETHEPLANET on these social…
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  1. restoretheplanet says:

    yeah hemp seeds are very cool!!

  2. SplurtaBeats says:

    hemp seeds contain ALA and SDA which can be converted to EPA and DHA. SDA is better than ALA, and so hemp seeds make a great addition to the diet

  3. restoretheplanet says:

    HA HA YES!!!!

  4. informationwarfare says:

    Lmfao you called your cat Kevin Gianni funny shit man

  5. bkershaccount says:

    can you please explain the difference btwn alpha and doco acid…do we not want alpha, or do we just also want doco and that is why you need david wolfe’s supp? i’m also confused, bc i think the doco can be synthesized from alpha? maybe this could be another vid idea. if not, i’m always open to private messages if your response is gonna be too large for comments.

  6. restoretheplanet says:

    yeah supplementing selenium, magnesium zinc, is a great idea !!

    all of mineral life’s products are great

    the reason I recommend zinc is because you really can’t get enough as a vegan unless you eat a lot of very special and expensive food!!

    the reason I use david wolfe’s supplement is because hemp seeds contain alpha-Linolenic acid NOT Docosahexaenoic acid,

    Great Qs


  7. restoretheplanet says:

    Thanks Sooooo Much


  8. GlitteringNeutrino says:


  9. bkershaccount says:

    why not take hemp hearts instead of david wolfe’s supplement? also, why just zinc? is that your personal situation, or the mineral you think is most important and usually most lacking? i heard himalayan sea salt contains minerals. also, i looked at mineral life zinc and they have a multiple ionic formula…do you think this looks legit and worth the money? i figure if i’m gonna sup my zin, why not make sure i’m getting my selenium, magnesium, etc.

  10. restoretheplanet says:


  11. restoretheplanet says:

    thanks soooo much brother!! peace to you!!

  12. restoretheplanet says:

    yeah they are good for nearly everything!!


  13. restoretheplanet says:

    bee pollen and royal jelly are amazing,

    zinc is important because it increases testosterone and helps deal with bacterial overgrowth,

    consuming bentonite clay works wonders for heavy metal detox!!

    Great Qs

  14. restoretheplanet says:

    any organic coconut you can get is THE BE$T EVER!!

    all stages of growth are great!!


  15. restoretheplanet says:

    I will thank you sooooo much!!

  16. Holly N Davis says:

    Very helpful video Gareth! Keep them coming 🙂

  17. TBU1992 says:

    When you talk about coconuts for a staple food,
    Do you mean the young thai coconuts or the mature older ones?
    Thanks in advance.

  18. Corey Lafferty says:

    what are the reasons, benefits and effects of taking ionic zinc? What do you think about consuming bentonite clay and also bee pollen, royal jelly?

  19. eyehateevil1 says:

    good to know, i wish i had the upbringing many of you all have had., peace, and keep it up !

  20. Emma Lillian says:

    thanks for that! i think i need to include a lot more greens, i found out i was anaemic recently

  21. eyehateevil1 says:

    LOL. your a cool kid. keep up the good fight> TY

  22. restoretheplanet says:

    yeah if you can live on the SAD diet and be healthy than being healthy on raw fruit and veg is easy!!
    to be honest I normally forget to take B12 and I;m still ok I would say that most people should just get it from a supplement,
    great Q

  23. restoretheplanet says:

    aw thanks sooooooo much princess!!

  24. megasynchronicity1 says:

    hi you got me in the vortex haha

  25. eyehateevil1 says:

    Hi Gareth, What are your personal sources for B12, there are people i have spoken with that believe a raw vegan diet to be almost impossible, but i know this to be untrue due to the amount of people on it long term and well. Thanks

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