Staying Warm in the Winter on a Raw Food Diet, Tips Plus a Recipe!

Top tips for staying Warm on a raw diet in the winter, gathered from years of experience and helping others. Plus a Bonus Recipe from ‘101 Frickin’ Rawsome R…
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24 Responses to Staying Warm in the Winter on a Raw Food Diet, Tips Plus a Recipe!

  1. ck1nsh says:

    hahah I choose to spend time with my family 1-4 months a year on average as i love love love being with them. I support myself through giving myself up in service to others by donation and offering my ebooks books n shirts on my site 🙂 My parents have supported me in my passion n purpose in the past, i feel blessed by their love n support during the growth period i needed to go through to fully support myself.

  2. music4healings says:

    don’t you still live with mama? mama allows you to enjoy your raw lifestyle, hmmmm is that supposed to impress us?.

  3. music4healings says:

    Dont Do you still live with your mom? I’m sure she pays the electricity and heat bill,as well as all the other bills to keep you from not freezing

  4. ck1nsh says:

    mmmmm enjoy it megatime!!! stoked u enjoy weeeee

  5. kgeeter1130 says:

    Great vid…you are always so funny. Cannot wait to try the “hot chocolate”…sounds delish!

  6. ck1nsh says:

    🙂 mmm hope you love love love it~ 🙂

  7. Tracy Lyn Turner says:

    Can’t wait to try this :o)

  8. ck1nsh says:

    More more more than my pleasure, Batman loves you too 🙂

  9. xdjouex says:

    You were right!! Those are great tips!! Thanks a lot!! (PS: I LOOOOOOOOOVE Batman!)

  10. BacktotheFruits says:

    Chris you are SO funny, I would love to meet you in person one time! 🙂

  11. ck1nsh says:

    haha Thanks Much, Stoked u enjoyed!! 🙂

  12. Kerri Valentine says:

    Holy rawsome recipes, Batman!
    Great video!

  13. ck1nsh says:

    :) hope u enjoy it tons!!! 🙂

  14. kittymystic says:

    wow, that looks awesome!! I can’t wait to try!

  15. ck1nsh says:

    🙂 Most stoked u enjoyed it, till the end! 🙂 were

  16. sillybunnns says:

    Hahha, I’m glad I stayed tuned for the Batman bit, hahah, very nice tips!

  17. ck1nsh says:

    Awww Bliss u times 52 Gitte 🙂 Most stoked u enjoyed the video n podcast n my recipe book so much, feel really blessed by your sharing! MUch much Hugs n extra PLSF back to u, stay warm! 🙂

  18. Gitte Koldtoft says:

    best video in a long time. Im not raw but Im low fat vegan. Will make some date carob warm drink. yum… I listened to a podcast with you and it was amazing. Also I have your recipe book and love it. Thank U hugs Daily enerGizer from cold Denmark

  19. ck1nsh says:

    Pleasure, enjoy at your Leisure 🙂

  20. Catherine Forest says:

    I am so going to try this great recipe! Thanks Chris!

  21. ck1nsh says:

    I dont think ive ever had it to be honest, this said im not a big tea drinker n never have been. These days I choose natural teas without caffeine.

  22. Chihuaraw says:

    are you down with yerba mate?

  23. ck1nsh says:

    beauty mark, or so my mom says 😉

  24. ck1nsh says:

    nope 🙂 hahaha

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