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Vegan for 6 years & 40lbs lighter! The Banana Girl Diet gets everyone fit, lean and sexy!

Freelee the Banana Girl showing her fit, lean body on the banana girl diet. The banana girl eats up to 50 bananas a day. Banana Girl used to be Beef Girl and…
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Daily Dose With Jillian Michaels – Janice Gets A Hot Makeover!

Jillian Michaels talks to her stylists about Spring makeup trends after Janice debuts her new look. Style experts Paige and Chloe walk us through the changes they made to Janice’s hair and makeup. The best thing is that Janice feels confident and loves her look. Subscribe to Everyday Health: www.youtube.com For more videos, visit the Everyday Health Channel on YouTube: www.youtube.com Check us out: www.everydayhealth.com Find us on Facebook: www.facebook.com Follow us on Twitter at: twitter.com We’re on Pinterest: pinterest.com …And Tumblr! everydayhealth.tumblr.com Everyday Health Daily Dose with Jillian Michaels Jillian Michaels: fitness expert, life coach, best-selling author and host of Everyday Health’s Daily Dose. Jillian along with her quirky co-host, Janice Ungaro, discusses a range of topics, from exercise and nutrition to finding success in all aspects of life. It is a mix of one-on-one interviews and musings which leads viewers on a journey to unlock their fullest potential. Jillian Michaels Jillian is one of the leading health and wellness experts in the country. She contributes to EverydayHealth.com and is a New York Times best-selling author. She was the trainer and life coach on The Biggest Loser for six years and Losing it with Jillian (NBC) and she has released numerous exercise DVDs. Personalized diet and fitness plans by Jillian are available through JillianMichaels.com which syncs seamlessly to her mobile application published by Everyday Health. Her
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