The Best Diet: Eating Clean There’s no secret to start living healthily. It’s called EATING CLEAN PEOPLE!!!!!! Cassey Ho, fitness instructor and healthy living blogger tells you how to get started. Talk to me on http Tweet me at Do some POP Pilates at

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  1. iluvhyualways1 says:

    I feel bad while watching this video I’m eating cookies :/

  2. loveOdis says:

    Hi, Cassey 🙂 I am a teenager so I obviously don’t live on my own yet, which makes eating clean impossible. So does that mean there is no chance in burning that fat for me?

  3. MadameMarsh1 says:

    so jelly is high and sugar, so consider eating that in moderation. Also, make sure you are buying (or making) peanut butter out of just peanuts, maybe a little salt. Cracker-chips (I’m assuming you mean like the ritz chips?) are processed at high temperatures which kills many nutrients. Maybe they are baked and not fried, but if it comes in a cardboard box, chances are its processed=not whole foods. Of course, poptarts are the worst thing in this list, do some research and you’ll see why.

  4. MadameMarsh1 says:

    actually spelt, rye, and sourdough are even better than wheat!

  5. LondonFashion1 says:

    I am soo buying that book!

  6. LondonFashion1 says:

    I agree with sharon90 and you should also use wheat bread instead of white too! 🙂

  7. Maura Siess says:

    BTW everything i’ve accomplished is because of Cassey and blogilates! Love you and thank you so much!!!

  8. Maura Siess says:

    I came to the conclusion i was gonna loose weight back in August and i set my goal to be 115 or less by Christmas. I loooved food. like soo much. So i thought i could just workout alot and continue my bad eating habits. But by September i became very frustrated that i wasn’t loosing, but gaining from muscle. i went from 136 to 138. Then, i changed my diet to completely healthy (but tasty) Breakfast, lunch, and dinner. And now, it’s almost November,i’m 118 and almost to my goal! Use this diet!!!

  9. Irene Gonzalez says:

    creepy person at 1:32

  10. virimfn says:

    mmm chedar puffs…. dammit i got the munchies now :@

  11. sharon90 says:

    i think replacing the poptart with a fruits/veggies is much better :}

  12. sharon90 says:

    i love the music in the backround :} it gives me a happy feling<3

    i love you cassey!! thank you for being here for us!!!

  13. Eliza Ward says:

    2:31-2:35 she sounds just like my mom

  14. Frenchfrygirl123 says:

    Ahhhhk. Jusst wondering, would Pb&J, Cracker-chips (not fried or processed), water and occasionally a poptart be okay for lunch? any suggestions on something healthier?

  15. CyberBull8150 says:

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  16. mariekeho says:

    a couple of months ago i wanted to start eating healthy, so i started eating healthy snacks, such as fruits and nuts, and i didn’t want any candy. maybe i’d eat like one unhealthy thing every day, but that’s like one cookie so it didn’t really matter, but since i’m only 14 i’m not really on a strict diet, my friends eat macdonalds a lot and when they offer me something, i actually don’t have a hard time saying no! I’m really happy cause i have much more energy!! 😀 xx

  17. udara075 says:

    It would be a shame if you did not build muscle when other people accomplish it so easily with Atomic Max Muscle (Google it).

  18. xic4loca says:

    I KNOW RIGHT?! I’m being all healthy and BAM my parents get something that I cannot resist… -.-

  19. Shivalika Mondal says:

    you’re the best. thanks a lot 🙂

  20. blissmeow says:

    yay! i just downloaded The Eat-Clean Diet Recharged … it is only 7.99 if you have a kindle… you can also read it through a kindle reader on your computer =) <3

  21. musiqueroyale says:

    Hi, i read somewhere that if you crave chocolate you are lacking magnesium. So instead, it is recommended to try nuts, seeds, legumes or fruit!
    Hope this helps you! I’m not a nutritionist but it sounds like I have a similar diet to you but I am just worse at keeping my chocolate treat tiny!!! so I looked this up and find that substituting chocolate for something else works best for me. 🙂

  22. lelechim says:

    I looked through my freezer today and found that I indeed buy lots of healthy foods! way too much frozen broccoli though. I like broccoli but I tend to buy some every time it goes on sale, so I have a small stockpile 😛

  23. Anna Rose says:

    this is so inspiring and accurate! after eating not so great foods i feel so lethargic and sluggish 🙁 thanks cassey for your wonderful videos!

  24. Kelsey Hawkins says:

    lol its not even normal any more

  25. CheyenneLin28 says:


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