The Best Diets for Women to Lose Weight Fast (A Comparison)

Best Diets for Women to Lose Weight Fast: First Place: Second Place: Third Place: The Top 3 Diets for Quick Weight Loss: I know what its like to want to lose weight quickly. In making this video The Top 3 Diets for Quick Weight Loss, I wanted to choose diets that worked, and especially ones that worked FAST! To make this video, I evaluated over 60 diets [throw up images of all the diets I found]: I found three basic categories: Old Fashioned, Weird, and Cutting Edge Old Fashioned: I bet, in the past, you’ve tried to lose weight the old fashioned way: You know, Old Fashioned … the way most of us have attempted to lose weight in the past: Counting calories and fat grams, avoiding fatty foods, and exercising hard, stuff like that … Surveys say these diets only work 6% of the time, They didn’t work for me, and its a safe bet they didn’t work for you either. Most of the 62 diets I evaluated were a variation on this same old fashioned calorie-counting that we’ve all heard of before, Which was exactly the OPPoSITE of what I wanted for this video so those old fashioned diets didn’t even make the first cut. A few of the remainder were Weird diets ‘alien radiation is making you fat’ kind of stuff (I’m exaggerating but they were quite silly). But the remaining ten (the ones that weren’t old fashioned or weird) were all quite cutting edge and high quality. These ten I examined carefully and chose three as
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