The Best Drink to Lose Weight Ever Discovered

John from shares with you the best weight loss drink you can consume. The answer may surprise you. In this epsiode John will …

25 Responses to The Best Drink to Lose Weight Ever Discovered

  1. CroMarduk says:

    The Best way to lose Weight Ever Discovered is to ban mcdonalds and bruger king

  2. proflo199 says:

    brilliant video!

  3. ah s says:

    Too much carrot, or like colour vegs, can give one a orange hue to skin. Worked in a juice bar and had a frequent orange client! ha he was a little wacky & may have lived on the stuff. IDK

  4. AtlantaAngel84 says:

    I stopped juicing. I have the omega 8006 and I have been just lazy. I need to start back juicing, my skin was glowing and I was losing weight.

  5. MyLadyAlexis0958 says:

    Why does nobody ever do fruit juicing?? I really would like to know more about different fruits we can use for those who want them along with veggies.

  6. MadMoneyGirl says:

    I have a question for John or anyone who is familiar with what I’m talking about. I have begun to play around with juicing fruits and veggies and found that Kale juice burns my stomach terribly. No matter what else I may mix it with, the Kale still burns my stomach.

    Has anyone else had problems with Kale?

    I would like to consume it because it is so high in nutrition, but, the burning is so bad, I just can’t at this point.

  7. honeyagave says:

    80-10-10 It is not just the calories but the fat. The fat you eat is the fat your wear…
    So true because after two months on 80-10-10 I feel great. Too many nuts will put on the weight. I’ve never been overweight but I am slim on a low fat diet and my energy is much better.

  8. Kimberly Roulin says:

    Nutribullet is not a blender it is an extractor. I just got one and it is amazing!

  9. woolly1954 says:

    have you juiced garlic? i like about 4 or 5 cloves in mine

  10. cleverest says:

    Very cool…I think you juiced a STICKER on the Zucchini though when you put it in….7:40 mark…LOL

  11. wcbombers21 says:

    Whats the deal with spinach I have been juicing it everyday but, I just read that you should only juice it 2 to 3 times a week because It contains oxalic acid which can interfere with the absorption of calcium in the that true Because I love Spinach and I know that Popeye wouldn’t lie to me!

  12. berlynn77 says:

    Great video….just want to let all new juicers know how important it is to juice ORGANIC fruits and vegi’s. When juicing you are consuming more fruits and vegi’s than what is typical. If juicing non-organic fruits and vegi’s, you will also be consuming higher concentrations of pesticides! I know it’s a little more expensive, but compared to all the diet programs out there this is still the best and cheapest. 

  13. Joe Theragman says:

    What is the link to watch for free the movie you mentioned; Fat, sick, and nearly dead diet?

  14. martysgarden says:

    Legend bro! I didn’t know you did this as well as your gardening show! Awesome!

  15. Athecubus says:

    i just bought the mini lequip juicer today and im from jacksonville fl, how long would the shipping be. ordered it on 7/31/2012

  16. MsBestsunshine says:

    Thanks for posting very positve, informative and instructional.Now a I know to alternate my leafy greens with a hard apple or celery or cucumber and to stick to the juicing for sure weight loss.

  17. jflash214 says:

    what a pain in the ass, why not just stick it in a vitamix w a little water, itll take half the amount and have the same volume plus the fiber

  18. AcupINC says:

    That’s a great movie.

    Bought an omega vrt 350 the other day super excited get my 1st juicer.

  19. Tony Cress says:

    John, what do you know about the hurom juicer?

  20. DorrianX says:

    I cant deal with the taste of the greens.. Does drowning the taste out with more fruit still give you the results you need? Or can I just juice fruit and be able to do this?

  21. chez395 says:

    You can see “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead” and “Forks Over Knives” at

  22. pitdog62 says:

    Hey John, You are inspiring this old man to change and adopt a new lifestyle. I think I can do the juice fast for 10 days. Blessing to you!!

  23. nstyleid says:

    Yaaay!! Might want to try this one… 🙂 Hehehehe 

  24. jothi underwood says:

    Wont the metals leach from bottle cap into juice?

  25. javapick says:

    Thanks, John. what do you recommend for people who work long hours and can’t juice at work? I’ve heard that the juice oxidizes pretty much immediately, so if I juice in advance and take to work in a jar, am I doing myself any favors? Thank you.

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