The Skinny on Obesity (Ep. 7): Drugs Cigarettes Alcohol…and Sugar?

UCTV Blog – A public health researcher offers insights and data about sugar regulation: Skinny on Obesity website: UCSF experts offer a frank indictment of the country’s agricultural policy and food industry, which have made it nearly impossible to avoid sugar in our daily diet, and suggestions for possible remedies. Series: “UCTV Prime: The Skinny on Obesity” [Health and Medicine] [Show ID: 23723]

20 Responses to The Skinny on Obesity (Ep. 7): Drugs Cigarettes Alcohol…and Sugar?

  1. 0601dayo says:

    These videos are great, but they never provide any easy action steps that people can take. Let me provide them right now:

    Stop eating bread, rice, pasta, sugar, and processed foods.

    Instead, start eating meat, fish, fowl, eggs, vegetables and fruit.

    It’s that simple. I did this, and lost 20 pounds in a few months without even exercising. It works.
    Of course, you should exercise too, but not for the same reasons.

  2. 0601dayo says:

    Thanks for exposing the statists. Keep up the good and hard work, smacking down one statist at a time. It’s gonna be a long, painful and never-ending process that will consume our lives, but it will be worth it in the long run.

  3. jkdrat1 says:

    Funny no one told us how to eat back then and yet hear we are alive an kicking. Today people will have to be put on birdseed in order not to go over the amount of calories they burn. People are sedentary that’s the real issue here. Education is the key and hey why not put PE back in grade school. Start them young. Put sports back on the schools control as well not private companies. They brainwash them to be socialist why not add on fitness as well. But it really isn’t about that is it. It’s ab

  4. jkdrat1 says:

    Explain to me why kids pre-computer age could eat like crap and stay skinny. Fructose corn syrup was around then too. Activity is the key here bro. Don’t discount that fact. Hotdogs, cool aid, burgers, ice cream, fries all of this stuff my generation consumed daily. We were skinny and always outside. Explain it buddy! You can’t!

  5. jkdrat1 says:

    I disagree… Exercise does not make you want to eat more. In fact it’s quite the opposite. As someone who exercises five and six days a week 45 min. session it has the opposite effect. It encourages me to want to eat healthier not to mention muscle burns more calories than fat. Exercising releases natural endorphins thus combatting the so called eating depression biochemical addiction. Try it sometime. This is a sales pitch for raising more taxes in a country rapidly becoming socialist. Not co

  6. Gufberg says:

    I think activity is a requirement for being healthy but not for weightloss. Like Taubes argue, activity makes you hungry and thus you’ll replete the calories you burn. Ultimately weightloss is a matter of WHAT you eat and only secondarily HOW MUCH.
    Real food (animals fats, protein, good vegetables and fruit) will satiate you much more and not cause insulin secretin at the levels of sugary glucose. This way your body will automatically shed off excess weight.

  7. Gufberg says:

    Lustig has that ‘gaze of death’ every time he says the word ‘sugar’ lol

  8. MrTheWaffleNinja says:

    its kind of awkward when at 5:40 in the foreground there is an overweight person but in the back is a fit person exercising…

  9. dtholmez says:

    Since you care about obesity so much, why do you keep saying your dick is obese

  10. dtholmez says:

    Does every video have to have an ass right in front of the camera?

  11. jkdrat1 says:

    You all leave out one very important detail. That the A factor. Activity plays a huge roll into our health and physical appearance. This whole sugar depletes that urge is just BS. We (my friends, brothers and sisters) ate like crap all through growing up and yet we remained active, healthy and skinny/physically attractive. Today the real problem isn’t sugar as you try to convince everyone in order to support a tax. It is the A factor. Actively is what has changed in today’s society. We have far

  12. manthasagittarius1 says:

    You are using this discussion forum to advertise, and most likely being paid for it. Make sure people are aware of that.

  13. Julian Black says:


  14. slytheron says:

    I don’t think people are stupid. If you’ve watched this series, the clear picture that comes out is that people are addicted, they’re in trouble. Educating people about cocaine, and meth hasn’t helped because once you’re hooked, education alone won’t get you off. More needs to be done and the best way is to make sugar more expensive … by taxing it. There comes a time when govt must meddle for the sake of it’s people. USA should not eat her young for the sake of the economy.

  15. pamelacxp says:

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  16. nullins says:

    This makes no sense. You claim that it’s impossible to get regular non-processed food at small stores, while the people who caused that wanted to do the same thing you are.

  17. nullins says:

    stupid advertising

  18. meredithanthraxelrod says:

    LOL! A ferry sank?! Sorry, but HAA!!!!

  19. sean723 says:

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  20. gransbert says:

    Get it done already! Ban sugary foods. People have already shown they cannot self regulate their consumption. It’s not enough just to educate. The obesity epidemic will literally sink our country like the boat in this video. We created the food system and we have the authority and right to change it. The companies won’t do it on their own. That’s ridiculous.

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