The Skinny on Obesity (Extra): Diet and Lifestyle Tips from UCSF Experts

Visit: Throughout “The Skinny on Obesity” series, Barbara Laraia and Elissa Epel of UCSF’s Center for Obesity Assessm…
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25 Responses to The Skinny on Obesity (Extra): Diet and Lifestyle Tips from UCSF Experts

  1. hanglon91 says:

    Have you tried Slim Body Maximizer? (Go google it) It is a quick way to burn fat fast.

  2. B Anil says:

    Have you heard about “Fat Blast Formula”? (Google it) It is a quick and easy way to lose weight fast.

  3. Justin Johnson says:

    I had to re-play the video to make sure it wasn’t my own stomach rumbling.

  4. Narrowescape says:

    You are correct sir. The calories in versus calories out hypothethis tells us nothing about why we get fat. That makes it kind of frustrating to see that someone who is trying to fight obesity, is still believing in that old paradigm. If that worked we wouldn’t be overweight! And ofcourse one should read and see as much of Gary Taubes’ work as they can. Great sciencewriter!

  5. Xalxitz says:

    How does it make you obese and what are you when you’re not obese? Just overweight?

  6. beautifulsmilexo says:

    70% eat not-home cooked meals..what!? I make my own food almost 100% of the time.

  7. usernametaken56 says:

    Its not and you are right. Some fruits are loaded with sugar. If you want to end the cycle of constant blood sugar spikes causing cravings and hunger pangs you need to not eat high sugar fruits either.

  8. Sem Finibus Hasta-o Caelum says:

    yeah the only benefit eating gruits relies on the fiber => good for digestive system. If people eats fruit because they want do diet they are screwed. Also, you could eat a fruit before some extensive exercise, because it is assimilated quite fast, so you can get the energy to perform great.

  9. Sepp Lainer says:

    natural fruit is “ok” because of the high fiber content that counteracts the insulin….

  10. BMWBiker2 says:

    @Dragonrides So true! They raised our alcohol tax to 9%. Guess what? Just as many people buying alcohol as before! Taxes don’t do a damn thing but harm the poor.

  11. dragonrides says:

    I love the scientific analysis of this series, but once it crosses over to solution, it’s not realistic. Raising taxes on sugary food is like raising prices on cocaine, people are addicted (as you mentioned) and now they will HAVE TO pay higher prices… Relying on the government to make policy changes? Unless FDA cleans out all their ties with major food companies. Bad food is bad for people but good for businesses. They need obese people, they want cheap and junk food to make more money.

  12. cactusp00p says:

    lmao i totally heard it its happens directly at 0:42-0:43

  13. Shisho2k says:

    Yeah haha wtf was that? 

  14. NarrowMullen says:

    Was her stomach rumbling at 0:41? 😛

  15. LoCarbHighFat says:

    Fruit makes ME sick and obese becuse my bloodsugar gets sky high, how is that good for me?

  16. Gufberg says:

    I actually do that. I follow, or try, to follow a paleo’ish diet. But i’ll fuck up like once every other week by overloading on carrots lol. That said its probably still better than eating conventionally but im sort of scared that the occassional carrot overload will raise cholesterol due to the combo of fat and carbs.

  17. TheFlutefreak says:

    What I do is go on a run about 5 days a week, and as to carbohydrates, I just try to stay away from simple sugars like white bread, candy, and snack food like goldfish and crackers. Fruit is good for you, but eat everything in moderation. Your body needs carbs, fats, proteins, vitamins, and everything in between. Try to get away from all that processed crap. So eat a balanced diet, eat slowly and listen when your stomach tells you you’re full.

  18. TheFlutefreak says:

    I’m not a big dieter. But yeah, my mom lost a ton of weight on a low-, almost no-carb diet. She did it because she had been going to the gym consistently for an entire year and hadn’t lost a pound. But when she went low-carb, she exercised too. I don’t know if this is the way to go, but I mean, it worked for her.

  19. LadyBludgeon says:

    That is so true. I lost more weight in a week on low carb. meals than the weeks I ate over 90g of carbs, but low in cals. I ate 70 – 90g of carbs. this week & lost over 6 pounds. O_O WTF!? This is without exercising btw….so the whole extra cals out = weight lose is utter nonsense and a lie. I properly lose 10 pounds in a week, if I was on the 0-50g carbs. I still count cals though, but cutting down on carbs has shrunk my stomach. Something that I found impossible in these pass few yrs.

  20. Gufberg says:

    It isn’t – You are assuming that the body is a simplistic energy in/energy out machine. Even Robert Lustig will tell you that the body primarily stores fat through insulin secretion (and in turn storaging the blood sugar in your fat cells) Thus carbohydrates (that cause insulin spikes) are more fattening than fat (which causes a minimal insulin secretion)

  21. John Bylsma says:

    It really is that simple. If you take in more calories than you burn, you gain weight. if you burn more calories than you take in, you lose weight. Our bodies consume energy in all their activity. If it doesn’t get enough food to keep up that activity, it turns to its stores (excess fat).

  22. LoCarbHighFat says:

    If fruit makes u sick and obese how is that good for u?

  23. Sheena Ghalla says:

    Actually, Fruit is good for you. Yes it does have fructose, but it also has fiber. Eating a well balance meal containing fruit, veg, and protein helps you loose weight. Not just an egg..

  24. Gufberg says:

    ouh please! the weightoss advice in that video is stupidity incarnate. We get all these nifty unproven and undocumented tips that can all be boiled down to ‘eat less’ ‘move more’. WTF!? if it was that simple wouldn’t people be DOING it already? do they think people want to be fat? -.- jesus christ …

  25. Gufberg says:

    I agree with your premise (LCHF) but i disagree with your point. If you are trying to lose weight – sure, one should limit fruit. But if you’re not trying to lose weight there is NOTHING wrong with eating a few pieces a day.

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