Tomato Basil Soup in a Vitamix Blender

This & more recipes at Forget canned soup! Make fresh tomato basil soup quick and easy right from your blender. Watch this Vitamix dem…

15 Responses to Tomato Basil Soup in a Vitamix Blender

  1. Ava Rhee says:

    vitamix is the very fancy kind of blender and its really expensive but it looks very nice

  2. dudethedestroyer says:

    U2 – War


  3. BlendHappy says:


  4. Darcey DeRosa says:

    Which blender do you like better? Vitamix or Blendtec?

  5. Daniel Karmine says:

    Nice and simple recipe, thanks. You are beautiful 🙂

  6. aeronsmom says:

    this was sooooo good, thank for sharing

  7. BlendHappy says:

    It hasn’t ever in mine.

  8. xnailpolishloverx says:

    Does it leave a smell or tomato taste in the container?

  9. BlendHappy says:

    It took about 5 minutes for it to be very warm yet edible right away, it also depends on how hot you want it because you can keep blending till you have it how you want it.

  10. cptseagull says:

    Great video! How long did you blend it for before it was hot? Thanks!

  11. KnownTK says:

    Great video!

  12. pro126 says:

    keep up the good work

  13. tlaborn says:

    Looks good and healthy!

  14. frappuccino68 says:

    Love it. So simple, but has two of my favourite ingredients in the world in it!

  15. Thtwassometrp48 says:

    Almost have me a heart attack watching you cut those tomatoes. So close to the fingers…lol.

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