Top 10 Best Foods – Nutrition by Natalie

Be My Friend – Nutrition by Natalie Top Ten Best Foods Natalie counts down the top 10 best foods you could eat. In a fast food nation, eating healthy food becomes difficult to do. Yet a poor diet contributes to low energy, obesity, stress, health problems and high medical bills. If you eat better, you will feel better and this video discusses some of the foods you should avoid. Please visit Natalies website at This video was produced by Psychetruth http

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  1. FIRSTconcentrate says:

    I agree with egg yolks. The Tibetan Superfood is that. But you missed the best: Chlorella. And I have yet to try Royal Jelly and others…
    Try this link for the top 22 superfoods:

  2. Hollistar91 says:

    What no avacado? no blueberries? your slacking dear 😛

  3. pinscherdude says:

    @Melly2389 Sorry I do know what I’m talking about. I actually spoke with Dr. Bruce Holub a few weeks ago about farming fish. If you don’t know who Dr. Holub is look him up, I think he has a little more background in human health and nutrition than you or this chick.

  4. pinscherdude says:

    @abrahamkarr12 I’m sorry but you my friend are wrong. By farming salmon you can safely control the level of bio-accumulated toxin with in the fish. Also through controlling the diet of the fish you can increase the levels of EPA and DHA in the fish.

  5. innocentamelia says:

    Any chance you could recommend an alternative to Ezekiel’s brand of bread? One that isn’t outwardly religiously based?

  6. tro0llgores says:

    you are hot.

  7. mdr226 says:

    @TheQuoteCorner yea unless the tuna fish is lined with aluminum containing BPA which simulates estrogen in the body and prevents growth of muscle tissue

  8. FASHINFREEK101 says:

    man, my list doesn’t match hers!-that’s probably cause she didn’t give me time to think!dang it dang it dang it dang it!this sucks!

  9. Melly2389 says:

    @pinscherdude You obviously have no idea what you’re talking about. It’s best to eat Wild Caught Fish.

  10. Nita34545 says:

    Very Good Info! …and for the complete picture of proper eating and explosive weight loss go to: Fat Blast dot 2Hell dot com / or/ FatBlast.2hell dotcom

  11. TheQuoteCorner says:

    Tuna fish has 26% protein and contains all amino acids a person needs for optimum growth of muscle tissue.

  12. 22goldencherry24 says:

    @YouDieWithIt …whats wrong with u?

  13. 345kobi says:

    Those with heart diseases will make their condition worse by eating eggs, milk and cheese. Much of our institutional nutrition training has the influence (money) from the dairy and meat industry. Our best knowledge comes from ex cardiologist turned nutritionists.

  14. YouDieWithIt says:


  15. homesurvaillance says:

    Great advices, thank you. I have problem with weight too and I want to try abs666diet what you think about it?

  16. abrahamkarr12 says:

    @Adrytl its gentecialy modified veggies. Not healthy for you, go with raw veggies or fruits that you eat or juice!

  17. abrahamkarr12 says:


  18. nagemsupreme says:

    i think aloe vera or barley

  19. pinscherdude says:

    when you talk about salmon you have it all wrong. First of you completely skipped over EPA and DHA, probably the most desirable nutrient, secondly farm raised is the way to go. Toxins can be almost completely avoided by eating farmed fish. Also you can alter their diet to actually increase the amount of EPA and DHA in the fish. I doubt you’re credentials as a nutritionist, or your work in the nutraceutical field. You missed out on so many functional foods, what a shame.

  20. greg4161 says:

    wrong about the eggs dear, they’re loaded with cholesterol and too high in protein!

  21. lilwave123 says:

    Actually if you look up the requirements for free-roaming labeling it’s not impressive at all. The hens are still under immense, grueling stress. Thus, why I’m vegan.

  22. overflow888 says:

    @Adrytl V8 juices contain genetically modified ingredients, which is bad.

  23. 88riddlemethis says:

    @mythals I use Romaine Lettuce and Spinach … I actually eat a lot of Spinach all the time.

  24. Adrytl says:

    i know thats not true in the least, but i respect what you beleive

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