Top 7 Diet Tips For PCOS – Discover the top 7 diet tips to beat PCOS polycystic ovary syndrome! From naturopath, author, and PCOS specialist Julie Merrick. Get more PCOS tips at

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  1. ShontelleNola says:


  2. Bandgeek12444 says:

    I just was recently diagnosed with PCOS. I’m 17 and I don’t know what to do. Im at such a loss. I feel so disgusting, like I havent done what I’m supposed to do. Now I’m trapped with a fat body and male hormones surging around my body, creating unpleasant effects. Thank you for this video. Hopefully I can turn myself around. I’m so worried.

  3. PowerOverPCOS says:

    @iluye Yes, you just need to be aware that those milks (except coconut) are often high in carbohydrates.

  4. PowerOverPCOS says:

    @shawna1320 No they’re not dairy.

  5. iluye says:

    So dairy is out, but can I still use Almond Milk, Coconut Milk, Rice Milk, etc?

  6. shawna1320 says:

    Would almond or soy milk be concidered dairy?

  7. 4iz says:

    @aiy19sha I have PCOS and don’t have dairy (I’m lactose intolerant also). For breakfast I typically have porridge made on water with calcium fortified rice milk (fortified soy milk should be ok also) and a ground up seed/nut mix called LSA (linseeds, sunflower seeds, almonds) for good fats. Baked beans on toast or poached eggs on toast are also good. If you like salmon I would suggest trying to eat tinned salmon regulary as it has tiny edible bones in it that has lots of calcium.

  8. DeeAmberAndrade says:

    Omega 3s! Totally skipped mine the last few days. Gotta go take it now :o)

  9. aiy19sha says:

    @PowerOverPCOS So do you know what i can do for breakfast instead, cause I have always had breakfast with dairy products such as cheese on toast or milk and cereal

  10. PowerOverPCOS says:

    @aiy19sha That is correct. There are other ways to ensure healthy bones, dairy is not essential for this. Speak to a health professional about getting a good quality calcium & vitamin D supplement, and eating plenty of vegetables, nuts, salmon, sesame seeds, and at least 2 serves of fruit daily.

  11. aiy19sha says:

    not having dairy products. does that mean no milk and yoghurt as well. because my bones are also weak

  12. mdiet1011 says:

    thanks, i really appreciate it!

  13. fictionlover19941 says:

    @salzwell25 Tell me about it.

  14. PowerOverPCOS says:

    @salzwell25 Dark chocolate is good! not the same, but can satisfy that craving.

  15. salzwell25 says:

    I wish I didn’t love chocolate so much

  16. Lillzbe says:

    hhmmm dairy interesting. i have heard that soy can make women with pcos gain weight, not sure if that’s true. i have always been able to lose weight as long as i do low carb, lots of exercise, and stay on bc. BUT i always gain it back VERY fast. I will constantly yoyo, and i dont want to accept it.

  17. PcosDietPlan says:

    I make videos here on youtube that are pcos related and I don’t know if you’d be interested but you would totally make my day if you checked it out! 🙂

  18. PowerOverPCOS says:

    @HarperInTheMist If you’re going to have dairy then I agree, raw natural dairy is better. But, whether it is pasteurised/homogenised or not does not change the core proteins in dairy – whey and casein. Whey is the culprit for increasing insulin, and (A1 beta) casein may be connected to increased inflammation & cardiovascular problems (See the book ‘Devil in the milk’). A2 dairy is better, but still has whey which is a problem for pcos.

  19. Isabellafan191 says:

    this kinda helps I’m 13 and today I was diagnosed with PCOS but I’m really confused about it

  20. HarperInTheMist says:

    Blanket statements about ALL DAIRY are bad science! Studies proving this or that about dairy are done on conventional pasteurized and/or ultra-pasteurized and homogenized milks. Organic, raw, pasture based dairy is NOT the same. I was diagnosed PCOS 19 years ago and it was only after starting to use REAL dairy that I started experiencing health improvements!

  21. FallenByGrace87 says:

    I am 24 and was diagnosed with PCOS in February 2011… My husband and I can’t Conceive children without drastic measures. This video opened up my eyes with the foods I eat. Milk has to stop today! If you guys want to talk please email me at Alexis.k.fazio @ gmail

    Would love to talk to people!

    Also, in about 4 months we are going to start trying again for a baby… So fingers crossed!

  22. luckyAOA says:

    I didnt know about diary product :/ Thanx so much for the tips 😉

  23. luckydesu says:

    @kissmequick07 I’m 18 too, and I think that I have this PCOS thing. May I ask what your ymptoms are?

  24. 0dontspeak says:

    spearmint = speeermint

  25. bboronda says:

    I am 29 and was just diagnosed with pcos. well I was also diagnosed with being allergic to all nuts, peanut butter, and coconut. and I get sick from eating all sea food the smell of sea food canned chicken and tuna fish makes me sick.

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