TTC Vlog #25 -Update & Weightloss

Our TTC for baby #2 journey.

4 Responses to TTC Vlog #25 -Update & Weightloss

  1. MissRetro03 says:

    Thank you so much gals! 🙂 It’s hard to stay away from carbs and sweets because those are my weakness lol. But I want a baby more than what I want that food. So I push myself to keep going and stay away from the bad foods. I do cheat at times because the craving gets too strong for me, but I try not to make it an every day thing.

  2. erubio070707 says:

    9LBS Yeah girl your doing great . Keep it up hun .. Im on the same boat not really on a diet ether but just been thanking more about what I want to put in my body. eating less and doing more . i dont sit after I eat . I start to clean and move around. The red lip stick is hot . lol … Love your video What are you doing to not eat the bread and sweet’s . That what I love so much and find it vary hard not to eat

  3. Syn Pcos says:

    So up lifting!

  4. MamiYare says:

    WHOOP WHOOP! congrats on the weightloss..i know that is so exciting to see and just makes you even more want to do better and better. God is able and im glad your are believing and having faith he can do it for excited for you!!

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