Weight Gain Diet for Skinny Guys

In this video I talk about the kid of foods you should be eating in order to gain weight, but more importantly gain muscle mass. These tips are especially for skinny guys who find it hard to gain weight easily.
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23 Responses to Weight Gain Diet for Skinny Guys

  1. isaiahledz says:

    What about or a footy player like me? More calories? How do i balance gym with training?

  2. KILLBANKY says:

    Great Vid Waynebw

  3. KILLBANKY says:

    yeah sweet potato and oats…dont forget juicing whole fruit and vegetables in the am with a high protien powder… use the Ninja to keep the grit of the plant or veg. product in the juice…Jack lalane juicers waste the good stuff…

  4. sgstrength says:

    great video

  5. Justenbphelps says:

    @Eosur he could possibly be a nutritionist bud.

  6. thallious9876 says:

    @SuperHeroMan411 lol! ok ?

  7. partagasblack says:

    clean your room up before your mom kicks your ass.

  8. Disturbos says:

    That made me fucking laugh

  9. MrTourture says:

    Oh excuse me…

    Why the fuck are you so cute?

  10. waynesafag says:

    You think you’re the shit, but you’re an asshole and the worst body type – you are skinny-fat, not to mention you look like a fuckin goat.

  11. bronxgreatest says:

    this video depresses me but he actually has weight now he just needs TO START WORKING OUT!!!!!!!!! WTF!!!!!!! WHATS MY MOTIVATION ROTFLMFAOOOOO

  12. TheStarking1000 says:

    @ihatefirt Yes, it’s cool I’m glad to tell you that there has been more effective, and it’s the one I’m using . I lose weight in a few weeks..yah that fast! I think I found it in WeightLossAction.Info . Just check it if it’s correct.

  13. SuperHeroMan411 says:

    i dont wanna gain weight. bye. 

  14. deepseventeen says:

    I want to gain my weight by drinking serious mass, but in the mean time i wanna do a light workout such as sit up and push up. The question is,how many times a week should this type of workout and how many times a day I should do?

  15. philaroused says:

    Where’s the guys muscles in this video?

  16. drewmuscle95 says:

    @MrDoogie1989 2 black twins who weight lifted for about 5 yrs and went from 175 lbs to about a little over 200 lbs and with only 8% body fat there vids explain tips for bulking up and what u need to know about gaining muscle. its some good stuff.

  17. drewmuscle95 says:

    @MrDoogie1989 have u tried hodge twins muscle workout

  18. spazmarcel says:

    Wadory, I understand what you mean, i was quite the same at 17. Now being 19 im not a massive dude or nothing but have put a few kgs and muscle. Get a gym membership, go to the gym 5 days a week, eat a big breakfast and big dinner, each time you eat make sure you full till you cannot possibly eat anymore then after that meal an hour later, down a desert. Also get on some mass gainer protein. That will put on the weight.

  19. drewmuscle95 says:

    @Eosur are u just jealous bro that actually got muscle and maybe because he is not flexing. everyhting he says is true. u wouldnt u fat bitch get off that wow kid u trash fool.

  20. yish30067 says:

    cont… 2010 started gym 3 times a week 30-40min only. got back to eating every 3 hrs again. compound excersises only, squats, deadlifts, press, etc. after 6 mnths…185-190, some is fat that I did not get to cardio off, death in family and change in schedule stopped the gym. no spam stronglifts5x5(google it). 2012 I will go at it again to get to 220 solid muscle. I was skinny my whole life. not anymore

  21. yish30067 says:

    everything this guy is saying is fact. my story… 2005 150lbs ectomorph(google it)found eating every 3 hours in small quantaties food stays put + doing pushups gained 10lbs and 10 xtra push ups, moved to atl stayed at 160 lost new job in 2009, walked and bused searching for work from jan to sept lost 40lbs. got new job in nov ($), gained my 20 lbs back from eating.

  22. Drewski256 says:

    @wadoryu I’m the same weight as you man. but I’m 18. i’ve tried everything from working out and also eating ALOT of food and protein shakes. i’m trying to get into the air force or navy and they told me i gotta gain 15 to 20 pounds to get in. I’m trying to gain weight by december. SUCKSS!! This video is very good. good tips but i need to gain weight fast. What should i do?

  23. masterjohnd says:

    @wadoryu2u I reccomend you eat more carbohydrate than anything else.

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