Weight Loss Advice – How To Start Losing Weight

www.AndreaAlbright.com – Weight loss help. How to stop feeling overwhelmed by the thought of losing weight and learn how to lose weight naturally and easily so you enjoy the process. Get your free healthy weight loss newsletter tips here www.AndreaAlbright.com
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www.AndreaAlbright.com – Healthy weight loss advice to Get control of your cravings and lose the weight forever.

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  1. Connielovesphotos says:

    What a good motivational video. Thank you. Very helpful to view.

  2. UonlyGet1 says:

    @76ComicFan She’s talking about volume…like…a cubic foot of muscle weighs much more than a cubic foot of fat.

  3. 76ComicFan says:

    Muscle doesn’t weigh more than fat…a pound of muscle weighs the same as a pound of fat

  4. FadePyro says:

    mhlnk (dot) com/8B355FD2 <------------- this link shows how to lose weight. you can get the free trial if you sign-up

  5. buffyirenee says:

    Inspirational!!!! :))) honesty your a wonderful speaker I can’t wait to check out your web site

  6. wowso4 says:

    what a wonderful video thank you so much

  7. lamar807 says:

    @weyu23 I agree! I tried it too and it worked for me. In just 2 weeks I loss weight. I can’t believe how I manage to do that, thanks to my friend that suggested the site WeightLossAction. info.

  8. Smile858890 says:

    I find it very inspirational to listen to you. You sound very genuine! I am overweight and I really want to lose weight without going on a diet for just a couple of months. The things you say in this video is pretty much the same as my own thoughts but it’s nice to hear it from somebody else! I’m going to checkout your website for sure!!!

  9. MsMartha111 says:

    Thank you so much, you are just awesome

  10. JohnnyWillner says:

    Your videos are awesome thank you!

  11. trdrtyy says:

    Whenever I see a video like this I am absolute awe! I tried all the quick fixes out there but this is what worked for me at the end  >  tiny.cc / weightloss101

  12. MMArtist99 says:

    I’ve been a certified trainer for about 11 years now so I figured I’d give some advice.

    Space is limited here so anyone who wants to learn more HONEST info, I recommend that all my clients read the six pack system by Mike Geary.

    SixPackSystem. com


    1) Cut out carbs in the evenings (eat low “GI” carbs throughout the day)

    2) Choose exercises that burn the most calories (NOT sit ups and curls)

    Ex. Squats, Lunges, Pull Ups etc.

    3) Perform “HIIT” to boost metabolism.

  13. ukhanal90 says:

    i like this video

  14. xK4L3Bx says:

    thats what i feel

  15. gamekillas says:

    omg your fine af

  16. fatemah4444 says:


  17. fatemah4444 says:

    You just make me feel happy and healthy just by listing to you

  18. alexmerc256 says:

    Hello friend. Are you overweight? Please go to the address within the brackets

    to get advice from a professional fat loss guru. (sn.im/claimyourlife). Copy

    and paste the address within the brackets in your address bar and hit enter.

  19. VeiledBeauty21 says:

    I love this video it’s so inspiring!

  20. Sorgenwald says:

    @blakasassin: I used to have the same problem as you. I used to drink a lot of iced tea (full of sugar) when I was in high school and this is probably one of the reasons why I gained weight (you don’t really realise the amount of sugar you’re having since you’re drinking!) I’ve lost my unwanted kilos now for almost a year and here is what i did about this “drinking problem”. I replaced sodas by natural fruits juices, home made juices. Then I reduced the juices to drink natural teas with stevia

  21. Sorgenwald says:

    Thanks for the videos, you are litterally glowing. I see health, motivation and happiness when looking at your vids. This is really nice to see such a positive person!

  22. freak12361 says:

    u should have wrote motavation

  23. GodsGenuineGift says:

    @sajmonyeah Exactly lol.

  24. ginapani says:

    You are soo inspirational. Thank you xx

  25. sajmonyeah says:


  26. javierunirodriguez says:


  27. nikegirl321 says:

    @NikonBlueBeastHD stereotypical asshole.

  28. NikonBlueBeastHD says:

    Fight against the cravings and u will succeed.. Its not that hard!!

  29. NikonBlueBeastHD says:

    Wtf is wrong with you people were is your will power.. All you have to do is not eat after youve already eaten EVEN if your still hungry Ive been doing that and I’ve slimmed down and im still healthy. But I forgot… Fat lazy americans just wanna sit around and eat all day.. Discrace to your nation

  30. FadePyro says:

    mhlnk (dot) com/8B355FD2 <------------- this link shows how to lose weight. you can get the free trial if you sign-up

  31. godfreesandiego says:


  32. wowso4 says:

    omg thank you so much for this video it makes so much sense thank you so inspirational am always craving junk food in the afternoon thinking i want that and need it and cant function without it .

  33. taynoful says:

    Its liek you can read my mind !!! It happens to me all the time !!

  34. baba3604 says:

    Totally right what you say about processed food. You are stuffed and starving at the same time! Thank you!

  35. Cathrocko says:

    Ur smart

  36. babycaitlan says:

    thanks this really does work 🙂

  37. negligency says:

    @kopeeloi09 Yep! I am really enjoying that soultion, nd I recommend it to anyone who want to lose weight fast.

    Dude I think you spelled it wrong it’s WeightLossAction.Info hahah!

  38. luvnmees says:


  39. elanjuliette says:

    OR you’re dehydrated. This happens to me all the time(cravings for food), but whenever I’m drinking enough water I can walk by good smelling food like fries and not really care about it

  40. TheMerinight says:

    actually because I saw this video I now feel like eating french fries XD

  41. 3ooth says:

    That was helpful, but i just ate chocolate and chips opps :S.. thank U 🙂

  42. flan6 says:

    I’m on a diet right now and I’m working out for an hour and a half 5 days a week and IM KICKING ITS ASS!!!! I love working out and I’m about to be sexyyyy

  43. PinkDollyWink says:

    I love this video. This was simple and yet so informative. thank you.

  44. redcobra59 says:

    What if i crave for pussy?

  45. mirasprofile says:

    Amazing odu ow.com

  46. mirasprofile says:

    You know what ???you are right. Dead on. Problem is I eat all natural,yet still get fat. Help!!!

  47. the1Qman says:

    thums up if you craved french fries after this vid

  48. sora193 says:

    @maryjoemontana Wait… your telling me if I drank 4 liters of water a day for a month I would lose… 90 kilos? You’re not being serious! Are you??

  49. maryjoemontana says:

    I lost 200 pounds with water diet!
    Drink 20-25 cups of water daily for a month is all it take.
    Try it, it works. It flush all the toxins too.

  50. youtubinwizeass says:

    I tried what you suggested in your video but, I’m still craving pussy…what more can I do? All my mind keeps telling me is EAT EAT EAT

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