Weight Loss before After 50 + pounds lost Watch me

cravlifefitness.com http This is a 6 mouth breakdown of how I lost 60 pounds. I was a size 20 at 262 at 5’5 inches tall. I am now size 10/12 (13 In junior) and 196 pounds
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  1. PR0MIS31 says:

    you are an inspiration! keep it up!

  2. shivamfun24x77 says:

    Hello! Have you considered – fast abs magic (just google it)? Ive heard some super things about it and my cousin got ripped Six pack abs and lost lots of belly fat with it.

  3. msdonnadu says:

    you look awesome!!! Keep going girl im with you!!

  4. MelancholyCoils says:

    Girl….No words…Just Yas!!!! I’m starting today!

  5. lavvy2585 says:

    Good for you! are you still using the dmso?

  6. TheDiariez1 says:

    You look amazing! I need to get on the ball! =( I just need the motivation

  7. OmaMel1 says:

    Thanks for the inspiration! I was starting to feel like giving up, like it wasn’t going to make a difference any way. You are such living proof that I was wrong. I wish you continued success! And thanks for the courage it took to share your very personal journey with us.

  8. umyeahokthen says:

    Wow! Keep it up. That is so great.

  9. missp318 says:

    i try loss weight to wat u do loss weight all i need do is loss my stomach i am just gone do a lot bend and reach and move my arms

  10. itsnotozzyitsozzy says:


    nice, im 15, I was actually 270! I am now down to 219, and still goin, but i dont look as good as u yet lol

  11. tcsilver says:

    and who sings the song, also what song is it ? 😛

  12. tcsilver says:

    what song is this ?

  13. NikkiRNified says:

    You look amazing!!!

  14. DreeamGirl says:

    You did great 🙂 U look beautiful!!!

  15. detroitloveshair says:

    Beautiful….thanks for inspiring others.

  16. MsLegaC says:

    i like your video. check mine out too if u get time

  17. cynthiamarotta says:


  18. rachypanda says:

    You are my idol now!

  19. heidiljaney says:

    Wow congratulations; you look great!!

  20. coasdrese says:

    Oh hello have you studied the Acuspeed 24 Diet (google it)? I heard some great stuff about it and my mate burned tons of weight trying it.

  21. costy202002ro says:

    Hey had you ever heard about the Acuspeed 24 Diet (just google it)? I am told some incredible talk about it and my sis lost tons of weight with it.

  22. sadeary says:

    Simply Amazed.. I have the motivation to do what I need to do to lose my 50..thank you for the inspiration!!!

  23. MultiRosemarie1 says:

    MOTIVATOR! Your stunningly beautiful. 

  24. NathalieSweet98 says:

    1:29 hahahaahhahahhahahahha

  25. MissionAbs says:

    Hey!!!!!!! If you get time please check out my 4 week abs transformation on my channel 🙂 Cheers!! Great effort.

  26. VENGADOR007 says:

    WOW it’s amazing how they not only lose weight but body hair too!! and so fit that they shine! Photoshop did not work in many of the photos lol

  27. AbsFast says:

    Hi!!!!!!!! If you get time please check out my 4 week transformation on my channel 🙂 Thanks!

  28. tayfunsimf says:

    до – то что справа, а после – то что слева…..

  29. Stollentroll81 says:


  30. Rustam42 says:


  31. 31sophiaA says:

    I Lost 65Lbs using, Link :

  32. angryadrien says:

    i think the best part of these pictures are the SMILES on peoples faces when they see and FEEL their success!

  33. MRCrivas says:

    1:11 WTF no nipples

  34. edyperma2172 says:

    Main message : 7:33

  35. TheKamus20c says:

    3:18 … cambio de peinado jajajajajjajaa…

  36. ayjayjay82 says:

    Rocky Balboa 5:29

  37. ayjayjay82 says:

    2:07 = Boner?!

  38. ayjayjay82 says:

    1:14 he grew a neck?!

  39. beasthunter2609 says:

    lol at 0:32. Do you really think a man of that age can actually get results like those without surgery? or a bad photoshopping…

  40. SlavaKim999 says:

    first time watching – didn’t think that its PS until 1:20 … didn’t read comments before

  41. pegzhead says:

    Hey!!!!! Did you know you can get Paid to lose weight and get in top shape?. Do a YouTube search for ‘CommissionFatLoss’ With that transformation youd be rich lol

  42. kris2902 says:

    photoshop is good

  43. Emil652 says:

    4:59 Black hair to blonde hair

  44. inCare says:

    @lokej01 well, considering your dieting is not limiting, you should do supersets when working out. Make your workout also a anaerobic interval training. For example do dips straight after pullups, pushups after rows, back extensions after squats…. 😉

  45. inCare says:

    @monster181000 what if not? some of them? what bout the rest?… These transformations are real.

  46. monster181000 says:

    this is all BULLSHIT!!!!
    I can see some of the heads dont match with the body

  47. claritycome says:

    mwahahaha…my god… 2:29 “I got myself a nice body…and I got retarded!”

  48. claritycome says:

    ahahahahhah look at 2.00!

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