Weight Loss Before & After Pictures! Be Amazed and Inspired!

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***UPDATE ON STATS*** Stats: Height: 5’1″ Weight before: 141lbs Jean size before: size 7 Lowest Weight: 105lbs Current Jean size: Anything between a 0 and a size 3 Current weight: 117lbs Current Goal: 102 lbs

48 Responses to Weight Loss Before & After Pictures! Be Amazed and Inspired!

  1. Hulkklogan says:

    I started Atkins on 2/26/2011 at 363 pounds. As of today (08/12/11) I’m at 310. 53 pounds in 6 months.. I’ve got at least 90 pounds left to lose but I’m well on my way. This video has brought extra motivation

  2. unbokser says:

    @bridgeman1000 I had the same when I was 82 But if you keep trying it works:)

  3. bridgeman1000 says:

    @unbokser Thats great news. I am atually kind of stuck at 78kg. I want to get down to 72ish then pack on some muscle. Been stuck at 78 a few weeks now

  4. unbokser says:

    @bridgeman1000 Nice!! 😀 I feel better to. Everbody says that im laughing much more now 🙂 I posted the last comment 4 weeks ago Im 64 now.
    I dont want to loose more weight. I changed my clothes from size XXL to S 🙂
    I hope you loose more weight(if you want to) 😀

  5. 111CHEVY111 says:

    MIN 3:13 TO 3:20 IS INCREDIBLE

  6. bridgeman1000 says:

    @unbokser Same as me. Was 94kg in January and am now 78kg. I feel a billion times better than before

  7. 180180Mark says:

    Ok im on the way to the gym now 🙂

  8. XxPinoyBroxX says:

    Why did you say real people? wtf. We obviously all are, donchu think? lol

  9. bdhvezda says:

    The guy at 3:15, that’s insane.

  10. menohaveaname says:

    @whatevergable Thanks!

  11. whatevergable says:

    @menohaveaname no, I started rowing and stopped eating crap 🙂 I do circuits three times a week, weights twice, row five times, do two ergometer sessions and then cycle on Sunday for my day off! I just built up gradually from doing very little exercise to doing lots as I felt ready. Start gradually or you’ll just injure yourself 🙂 Another thing I found really helpful was sticking a photo of myself to the fridge… Sounds stupid but it really does stop you from snacking!

  12. menohaveaname says:

    @whatevergable did You use the program that the link goes to? It seems very virus-ful to me.

  13. unbokser says:

    I was 100 kilo I lost 33 kilo 😀 now i am 77 kilo I was always waching this kind of videos.

  14. withered962 says:

    This just proves that fat people look better skinny, like literally good looking people physically. This is inspiring. I’ve struggled with weight my whole like and during college I started to workout at the gym. It worked very well and I lost weight but I hit a brick wall a couple years later. (job, money, ex-gf, loss of a loved one) all these issues arose in a year and I’m not very proud to say that I’m now the heaviest I’ve ever been in my life. I’ve started going back to the gym. wish me luck

  15. ModernWarfareNick1 says:

    @teja5600 Workouts moron!

  16. cwalkdanny says:


  17. teja5600 says:

    did they had ne surgery or its only based on workouts???

  18. myke336 says:

    @sheetbug It is pretty mind boggling but most alcoholics have a crazy metabolism because their bodies have to constantly keep filtering alcohol out of their systems, effective but extremely unhealthy and very high health risks involved, especially cancer. Everyone works differently but in a generalized sense most alcoholics have a low calorie diet believe it or not aside from the fact that alcohol induces hunger at times.

  19. sheetbug says:

    How come alcoholics are skinny, if alcohol makes you put on weight?

  20. rankalot says:

    @MagnesiumAlloy Dude that can’t be the same guy… He turned into a beast

  21. MisterUnexpected says:

    @TheRickibobby It’s more like they say all the efforts that I put in my weight loss paid and I’m pround to show how I shine so I you wanna see something funny just look at you and laugh of someone who doesn’t try to understand people’s feelings.

  22. AndrewRyanJD says:

    @whatevergable damn thats exactly where I want to be congratz man

  23. alkazaruberaba says:

    trash music

  24. NaomiLovesBeauty says:

    omg but you’ve lost your boobs ;(

  25. NaomiLovesBeauty says:

    omg but you’ve lost your boobs ;(

  26. Myiivonne says:

    hey guys subscribe to my channel and watch
    me lose weight every week!
    i’m already down 7.4 lbs after my first week
    and would appreciate much needed support!

  27. frankiexfantastic says:

    I gained back almost all the weight i lost, going to go back on the south beach diet. i want to add i did eat a shitload of protein and vegetables in phase one (first two weeks) but no carbs or diary.

    I have updated my current stats and i’m almost up to 130 lbs.
    My goal is my lowest weight.. .105lbs

  28. iTzSHAKiKi says:

    awesomee!! im glad you found somethin that works for you 🙂

  29. iamatruthseeker says:

    did you drink any alcohol on the south beach diet at all? im a big beer drinker and trying to lose 15lbs. i already cut down on drinking but cant cut it out completely. also you look great. almost got too skinny! =)

  30. Braga5292 says:

    You looked sexier before.

  31. IlkeaPikkuMyy says:

    I think you looked great both before and after, and this is inspiring me to start on exercising and eating better too! 😀

  32. TheLandIsDark says:

    @yeahtay87 Yes just be careful, I also feel the same I;m just glad that I finally found the best solution for me. I just followed the site WeightLossAction. info and in a matter of weeks I started losing weight.

  33. Perscenthe says:

    Amazing job. You look fantastic. You looked beautiful before but you worked hard and definitely earned what you got. <3 I'm inspired. : )

  34. copnite12342 says:

    according to health charts being in the early 140’s or 130’s or less is just fine at ur height. sorry i have to say there was nothing wrong with you at all. all u needed to do was tone up. now u look sickly. sorry.

  35. mcRioRemedy says:

    you look hot at 2.25

  36. losplaymaker says:

    you was so dam sexy before you was freaking awsome now u look like a meth addict

  37. ColdIndian1 says:

    Great job! You’re thinking for yourself and doing what works, no need to deprive ones self or have rules of what not to eat as moral or ego issues… Keep it up, and have fun, it’s attractive to others and healthy for you. 😉

  38. TheMciphotography says:

    You look so good! congrats on loosing the weight I can’t wait until I get my goal weight

  39. JosyNahum says:

    i liked the other song much better ( got grass stains on my knees for you got holes in my new jeans for you got pink and black and blues for youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu)

  40. MsLennyYP says:

    so… you just eat omlettes and salads? could you do a video on how you prepear them, please?

  41. sbng92 says:

    @deviin420 that song is permanently blue for you =)

  42. MUAH121506 says:

    Your video is by far the best weight loss video. All the others are beyond subpar. They talk about diets but don’t necessarily show before and after pictures which makes it unbelieveable. You’re such an inspiration. Congrats on your transformation!! This makes me want to get up and be a different person.

  43. CheyennieeeBen says:

    congratulation. wow you’re such an inspiration.

  44. mcj19991 says:

    Omlets and salads actually can be balanced depending on how they are made

  45. FreeOnlineWorkouts says:

    I’ve been studying the topic of weight loss for about 10 years now (I’m a personal trainer for a living) so I think I can shed some light on the topic.


    1) Cut out carbs in the evenings (eat “low glycemic” carb sources in the day).

    2) Choose the exercises that burn the most calories (NOT sit ups and curls). Squats, Lunges, Pull Ups etc. are great examples.

    3) Use the software and meal plans from FatLossCustomized. com

    4) Perform high intensity interval training.

  46. Deviin420 says:

    What’s this song?

  47. Poetamo says:

    @Caitlinnnnnx I love that fat!

  48. SheenyLovesCakeup says:

    you didnt lose too much weight, the people who think you did are fat themselves! so pretty!

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