Weight Loss – Before and After photos – first 5 weeks

My weight loss after 5 weeks. Total weight loss to date – 9.8 pounds. MEASUREMENTS: Hips: June 23rd – 46 1/4″ July 2nd – 45″ July 22nd – 44″ Waist: June 23rd – 35 1/4″ July 2nd – 33″ July 22nd – 32 1/4″ Arms: June 23rd – 12″ July 2nd – 11 3/4″ July 22nd – 11 1/2″ Music By: www.freeplaymusic.com Song Junes_Groove
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25 Responses to Weight Loss – Before and After photos – first 5 weeks

  1. Smile2DayTears2Morro says:

    @Wira91Obi A loooot of exercise and determination…..and less food.

  2. stillstonie says:

    i love tht u lost so much tummy, n kept all the goodies!!!! jealous!

  3. Curacao4fun says:

    I like this ! now reshaping check mine help too,

  4. busymom32 says:

    hi amy i am a new subscriber 2 u! and i jus wanna say i 2 am on my journey with u so please keep up the good work and keep the vids comin!

  5. didoban says:

    was perfect

  6. ARTHEROPY says:

    Hello Amy I hope you are keeping it up!!! you look great!

  7. hwiseman1 says:

    LOL. You said “booty weight” Great job!

  8. crobin35 says:

    girl that booty looked like it wasnt going anywhere! lol i saw your later videos, good job! your videos are my inspiration 🙂

  9. wildmagic91 says:

    awesome, I noticed that when you first start loosing weight it shows in your face first

  10. Nappilocs says:

    Awesome! I am stalking this channel while I am on my weight loss journey..lol. You have a body type that is similar to my own, that donk ain’t goin nowhere.. and that’s a good thing :0)

  11. 0210cyntia says:

    I had the problems with weight but the thing that helped me was the diet plan recommended from my friend..you can find it on burnthatfatnow.info 6 month ago I have lost all my extra pounds and have no problem in maintaining weight any more…try it definitely, also many useful information there ;)) kiss

  12. ChiDirtySouthGul says:

    Amazing!!! I’d love to have the adrenaline to lose this baby pouch I got…..

  13. miro5753 says:

    i like that song…can u tell me who it is

  14. chitwnma says:

    good job u look great girl

  15. Culya1991Merdin says:

    Good luck!

  16. Tabithakathleen says:

    well done

  17. UMemberMe64 says:

    Girl, i can’t do nothin but laugh and agree with you. Especially McDonalds! I’m SO close 2 getting that tattooed on my body somewhere it’s like, not even funny.

  18. nilecutie07 says:

    what did u do to loose all the weight??

  19. sofiazz09 says:

    i try to loose weight to :) i’m 170 cm tall and 60 kg in weight… but eating food is just awesome ^^

  20. steffycalssical says:

    Wow that’s great. I need to lose like 10 pounds. No more cookies for me.

  21. manhands77 says:

    good for you keep up the good work

  22. Theegoodgirl2009 says:

    You’re doing a great job at losing the work. Keep up the good work…  Good luck and God Bless!!!

  23. kgee40 says:

    i have a few questions for you? what is your work out regime? do u diet? I look at your videos and feel envious? I struggle so badly with my weight….

  24. jordanhall91 says:

    good job, you look great.

  25. Tanyka2606 says:

    Good for you !!!! you look great!!! I’m trying to , haven’t started anything yet but, looking for some great tips and ideas

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