Weight Loss Journey Before and After Weight Loss Success Story

Okay, I am going to do things the healthy way after a series of mess ups! So (for now) I am tossing the diet pills and hitting the gym!!!!
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Video Rating: 4 / 5

50 Responses to Weight Loss Journey Before and After Weight Loss Success Story

  1. fdahmed says:

    I’m keen to find out more details on eating routine programs – I have been employing a bunch of DietOramy eating plan (found it on Google) for a number of time now and I’m honestly losing weight and am thrilled about that!

  2. Rena8595 says:




  3. helsbard says:

    Lmao those eyebrows..

  4. katdreem66 says:

    That music sucked

  5. MsLegaC says:

    well i don’t know how i ended up here after searching for inspirational videos but im glad i did! check me out too if u get a chance

  6. TheSummerIsMagicOh says:

    @nooderman22 Yeah I am also preparing for my sister’s wedding and I really need to lose weight fast ;D My friend suggested me the diet programs in WeightLossAction. info I will start this week. I heard it’s pretty amazing.

  7. TheRobMargolin says:

    PLEASE everyone BEWARE the #1 weight loss pill is killing people PLEASE type in JILLIAN MICHAELS THE TRUTH and please those into fitness and health and helping others please help spread the word thank you

  8. Amiemarchant says:

    Why do people think when u water fast u only lose water weight thats a load of shit haha if you starve urself u will have to lose fat ir how else r we carrying on ise ur brain

  9. SerendipityBinx says:

    Hey there,
    I’ve been on a fasting diet for about a week now,and I’ve lost about 20 pounds..it’s been a struggle because I’ve been getting really dizzy. Was there at anytime when you were fasting you had the same problem?

  10. MizztressOfSpices says:

    Hey you looked really cute before… You smiled a lot on your pics, smile on your video please!! Cos you have come so far! I admire your courage through this tough journey…well done hun!! You look beautiful!!! 🙂

  11. myfatlossexperiment says:

    Luv the music, Mana rocks! You look good, keep it up.

  12. premier122 says:

    if your going to fast, then fucking fast as in eating nothing…. lmao no wonder that happened

  13. StrikeTsunami says:

    How much fun is this making video’s .. When you have time come visit my channe

  14. pheromoneaction says:

    How much fun is this making video’s .. When you have time come visit my channe

  15. FatReleaseSystem says:

    How much fun is this making video’s .. When you have time come visit my channe

  16. midnightxoxosann says:

    how tall r u??

  17. sugahface says:

    you look great but please watch a vid on how to do your eyebrows…not trying to be mean just trying to help you…

  18. lcserg87 says:

    @CoutureSlimDown what is the other song on the video sounds like mexican are u half mexican???

  19. frankogreat1 says:

    Where are you now?( Jan 2011) What are you doing ? You should be in the movies. Your partner is one lucky fellow; for sure. Stay good & healthy. I just began dieting & working out again thanks to your impressive abilities. Thank you very much!

  20. evengering says:

    cocaine diet

  21. NekoNeko89 says:

    ma non sei tu! La ragazza in carne ha gli occhi marroni! tu chiari!

  22. needtolooselots says:

    omg you just had to show those goodies/treats in this video lmao, they looked delicious..are you still doing the “Every other day” 0 calories, im doing the “Master Cleanse” and im on day 10 today, i was thinking of the “Every other day” 0 calories also..Thanx and keep up the great work, you sure look great!!!

  23. mkm051607 says:

    there is no way you are 174 in those pictures.

  24. needtolooselots says:

    omg sweety you look great, i was watching your video from the beginning of your diet and i didnt realize you were the same person until you put up the old pics lol, wow you kicked ass lol, way to go and im trying to follow in your footsteps lol..keep up the great work and you look FANTASTIC!!

  25. EileenMallory says:

    I’m glad to hear you are eating but in a healthy way!! Congrats on your weight loss!!
    I’m currently working on losing around 40 to 50 pounds!! 🙂

  26. CenkIsAdorable says:

    lol we’re celebrating the waste of energy lol

  27. saamii1992 says:

    i want watch the season 5 from the Biggest loser Australia but i can’t find 🙁 i’m from switzerland and at the official website I can’t watch.. I need help thx

  28. saamii1992 says:

    i want watch the season 5 from the Biggest loser Australia but i can’t find 🙁 i’m from switzerland and at the official website I can’t watch.. I need help thx

  29. KaliCarter01 says:

    it took me a second to realize that they dont weigh in lbs…i was freaking out for a second

  30. soccerstreetboy says:

    @hailey8447 that would make sense bcuz there in australia….. oops

  31. hailey8447 says:

    @soccerstreetboy kilos

  32. 0wN says:

    dude wtf ? thats how life works…some are luckier, somer others not. we didn’t chose were to live. and if we have the option of being rather fat or thins, then its your own choice. not a fan of fat people or a hater on africa…just saying.

  33. MrDestiny527 says:

    WHAT A SHAME . People in Europe, Australia , US etc eat junk food and put on weight , while the people , children in Africa and many other countries , die of starvation.

  34. dahercool says:

    that was, i repeat, that was the best season of biggest loser ever, since the VERY BEGGINNING i knew lisa would win, she is so awesome

  35. soccerstreetboy says:

    … is that in pounds???

  36. harryhermionerone1 says:

    @321womble R u in Australia ? Go to the official website. 😉

  37. 321womble says:

    Is the series uploaded onto You Tube, I can’t find it anywhere.

  38. krazbar1 says:

    @Baricade82 Wtf its called being tit cock sucker

  39. weightlossprogram101 says:

    I found this really interesting – I really love the way you put your videos together

  40. weightlossprogram101 says:

    Keeping motivated to lose weight can be hard - seeing videos like this can certainly be helpful

  41. 06hamzam says:

    Im 6ft tall and used to weigh 14 stone but i was a bit built now im 13 stone and hopefully gonna get tu 12 stone
    Its simple all you need to do is not eat as much try to eat healthyer and do Excercise everyday for at least 1 hour we can all do it if we try… 🙂

  42. adastrarize says:

    Always good to see some new information on an important topic.

  43. diet6181 says:

    Wow,,it’s a amazing,,, many peoplewant to be like that..

  44. joejonasfan499 says:

    in australia we weigh in kilograms kk 🙂

  45. Baricade82 says:

    those soft cock pretty boy fag trainers should be killed.
    all people with a six pack think they’re better than people without. the show off there muscles to litte shallow sluts only interested in thier looks. so if you dont like then go fuck yourself!!

  46. mrmoneyboygurl says:


  47. cocolily1001 says:

    wow you never know why they go on tv with that much wieght and imbarrece themself but at the end you see how fit they are and you understand 🙂

  48. TitansXC says:


  49. kbsydney says:

    @youareconfused It’s both. The male trainer on the show is also called Shannon

  50. mmaattii777799 says:

    @Mason72497 its in stones lol

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