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So much of my weight problem has been caused by emotional reasons. I didn’t love myself, I stuffed my emotions, I used my body fat to protect myself, etc. But all that’s changed now. Now I love myself, I let myself feel my feelings, and I’m in a place of gratitude and love. Which is why my weight is literally *falling off* on this HCG diet. And it’s why I’m going to keep it off! Yay! How are YOUR emotions affecting your body shape? I’d love to hear your experiences too. Love, HappyConsciousGal xx

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  1. HappyConsciousGal says:

    Wow, that’s so great! x x

  2. lajahna says:

    Very insightful. I have been on a self discovery voyage for the past 2 years. My life is very different today.

  3. HappyConsciousGal says:

    Hmmm do you mean how does HCG work for people with those conditions? I’m so sorry, I haven’t researched that. But maybe take a look on some of the HCG forums out there, like the HCGDiet Info Forum. xx

  4. HappyConsciousGal says:

    Yes, I’m super empathic myself, so I really understand what you’re talking about… We use fat as a buffer, otehrwise we take on everybody else’s feelings and energy… But then as we grow up, we can learn other ways to set boundaries and keep our energy field clear. xx

  5. TheQueenIsWithin says:

    Its true what you said about creating a buffer with body fat. As an empath I can attest to this. Sometimes in homes there is no arguing or fighting but yet there is a negative undercurrent that empath children pick up subconsciously. I think this happened to me.

  6. TheQueenIsWithin says:

    Would you know how it works with those that have PCOS and Hypothyroidism.

  7. HappyConsciousGal says:

    Thanks so much!

  8. HappyConsciousGal says:

    I know it’s weird, for some reason this particular video got hardly any views back when I first posted it a month ago… But now for some reason people are seeing it! Maybe the world wasn’t ready for it before 🙂 Hugs! xx

  9. HappyConsciousGal says:

    Hahahahah now YOU’RE the skinny sister! xx

  10. Givingitmyall2011 says:

    Tell me how this just appeared in my list… I don’t think I have seen this before : ) Wonderful sharing : ) Love and blessings to you!

  11. HCGPorkchop says:

    This needs a “LOVE” button. I love it!…and i had (have) a skinny sister too!!!

  12. HappyConsciousGal says:

    Oh I’m so glad you get it! This seems to be my least-watched vlog, so I wondered if it was too airy fairy for people… So it’s a relief to know that it is resonating with some of you! xx

  13. lbghcg says:

    @HappyConsciousGal Thank you thank you thank you for doing these vlogs. I’m just getting caught up in your older ones. I think these same things but haven’t expressed them in my vlogs because I don’t think I have the right persona to deliver the message. I think many people do not understand their fat is serving them, it’s working for them on some level, & until they figure out why, they won’t be able to let it go. You’re so awesome!

  14. HappyConsciousGal says:

    Awesome! I’m so glad there are others out there who feel like this! I really believe that unless we look at things on all levels, they won’t shift permanently. Sounds like you’re on to it too 🙂 I love your choice to raise your vibration. That choice is powerful in itself. It’s all about our intention. Thanks for writing, soul sister! And let me know how the anger-release work goes for you… xx

  15. stylepdx says:

    You are speaking my language, girlfriend! I love hearing someone voicing more things than just pounds lost. There is more to us than that, and, we do need to address our underlying beliefs, and believe that we are thin and love ourselves in order to keep any weight loss gone for good. I would love to attain a new level of vibration through this process as well. I have been holding on to anger and it is far past time to release it along with the extra weight.

  16. HappyConsciousGal says:

    How funny, a friend recommended that book to me a few weeks ago. What an amazing synchronicity! I must buy it 🙂

  17. BeVibrant says:

    I’ve done a ton of work, too. Just wanna recommend The Healing Code book by Alex Loyd & Dr. Ben Johnson. It’s been a nice alternative to the re-trauma approach with results that actually seem to stick for me.

  18. HappyConsciousGal says:

    Thanks man! Nice to see your vegan flair in the kitchen. You’re rocking it too 🙂

  19. Rush Aaron Hicks says:

    Awesome video. Keep up the good work!

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