Weight Loss Recipe: Healthy Salad

Register now: www.30dyc.com Try this delicious recipe for a healthy salad that will help you lose weight and feel great. Follow my blog at www.perfect10lifestyle.com and visit my online boutique at www.dashama.com Ingredients purple kale, sprouts, cherry tomatos, avocado, pumpkin seeds, goji berries, pine nuts, olive oil, vinegar, garlic, braggs liquid aminos and optional hemp seeds, tempeh or finsh. Enjoy!
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23 Responses to Weight Loss Recipe: Healthy Salad

  1. ShineyAppleWorm says:

    @pluca717 I never understand when people make this claim. Some view yoga as you do but isn’t it mostly just an exercise routine? What your saying sounds like body building is a religion. Maybe for some, but there is no spiritual emphasis in anything unless you add it actively. Do you really think that doing yoga on the nintendo Wii is going to make people worship satan or something? It will improve your balance and flexibility, beyond that I don’t see a problem.

  2. chuy69818 says:

    I love you 3

  3. mingjin1994 says:

    amazing body shape, your recipe should work!, i need a tone body too! 😀

  4. dustyn1986 says:

    @NecessaryKnowledge …

  5. SEHANO says:

    Sister, if I can get a body like yours then I’ll eat kale salad every day!

  6. amyt066 says:

    @pluca717 You have no idea…

  7. Edwarrrdooo says:

    best delicious most amazing salad wow

  8. raishe says:

    @pluca717 Douchebag

  9. thortontheduckie403 says:

    I have a really sensitive stomach and the apple cider vinegar really hurt my stomach. i couldnt even drink water without it BURNING. so I took it out of my diet. Do you know of anything that works the same way, that wouldnt hurt my stomach so much?

  10. madarays says:

    can I taste your salad?

  11. pluca717 says:

    D you look like a nice girls, lotta guys would wonna hang out with you BUT I hate to tell you that you are lost girl. Yoga is a Hindu discipline which leads to devil worshiping. You gotta study more deep what is Hinduism . Hinduism does not believe in sin and they think everybody and everything is God. It does not make no sense. We are not Gods, we are children of God. God created us and He sent Jesus to die for human kind. I beg you get away from yoga. Yoga is witchcraft that looks good

  12. pixieprincess0702 says:

    You are so pretty!!! 🙂

  13. maymar1 says:

    I love the way she us telling. Nice baby. Keep it up.

  14. chatterbeauty says:

    @lizachka001  you look like you smoked weed before typing that….

  15. clareinc2009 says:

    You look so good

  16. darkzzt1 says:

    avocados taste so bad to me

  17. starward says:

    I’ve been eating this salad fairly often for the last 5 months.. I’ve been searching for Moringa in my town for a while, but can’t find anybody who sells it.  Where do you get your moringa from? Thanks.

  18. yazzycoco says:

    u pointed a knife at me lol

  19. pekasegio1 says:

    YUM- I can do this! Thank you so much Dashama so much for not just saying what to put together but why it goes in the salad. The yeast thing is new to me so ill see if Henry’s has that. Namaste!

  20. TheBlondieprincess says:

    looks yummy!!! unfortunately here in greece i can’t find some of these ingredients like sprouts or pumpkin seeds… 🙁
    i’ll try any variation…..
    are you vegetarian?

  21. demonauo2 says:

    Do you use shelled or de-shelled pumpkin seeds?

  22. BlackFuryFx says:

    is there a proper way to re align your spine, without seeing a chiropractor?

  23. starward says:

    I did as promised, I bought all those ingredients yesterday and ended up having 3 salads through the day. On my last salad, I added flax seeds. Very good for you and I enjoy their taste, too. Thanks again for this excellent salad recipe!

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