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  1. VeganGirl1011 says:

    I like to chew on vanilla beans

  2. meech gee says:

    a little bit too much self promotion, but I guess is necessary, fucking system 🙁

  3. Michale Davis says:

    Dan, I just Tried Persimmion’s for the first time today my god they are so sweet!!! I thought to my self, what would Dan say? Oh, I know EPIC!!!! Can you digg it!!?? lol.

  4. Julia Lee says:

    haha, Mo is cute! So is Sophia! Lovely little family! God bless!

  5. Julia Lee says:

    Dan, you rock the house! Love crazy Danny Clause 🙂

  6. CURVEDGLASS123 says:

    You are looking tired brother Dan. Get back into the truth of your own heart. I know you can. Peace.

  7. gratefulnlearning says:

    looks good dan! I make mine with a splash of coconut water, 2 dates , cinnamon, vanila and then add the persimmons in a vitamix. I will have to try it with the hazelnuts,looks good!

  8. Raw Chai says:

    Looks like a good recipe. I wanna try it.

  9. Cathy Starr says:

    great JOB washing the hands love to Dan

    cathy Starr* P S got the DVD set- NICE JOB no worries – love to you alllllllllllllllll

  10. fruitfanatic33 says:

    I love Moe!!

  11. MsKarenrankin says:

    I LOVE the regeneration Dynamic Duo <3

  12. Susan Bessette says:

    Hi Dan and Sophia, great to see you again. I am in sunnyvale caring for new g-daughter. My son and wife work hard w/no time or energy to fix anything good. I’ve put buckets of soup in freezer for when I’m gone. They microwave junk. boo!
    I try to stay vegan, raw, but it is hard to be a good example.
    Lots of love to you both,

  13. sfaithj says:

    i’ve been getting butt loads of permissions from costco lately so thought i’d try this recipe. instead of the liquid vanilla, i just used vanilla almond milk. this tasted SO GOOD. thanks for the recipe!

  14. Nickyloveslove says:

    so good~

  15. xMsTSEx says:

    Love Persimmons!

  16. naturedmike003 says:

    Merry Christmas Dan 🙂

    I have heard of persimmons but never tried one ,,,,now after watching this I must try…. Interesting…………….

  17. JustDoItRaw says:

    easy and simple recipes, that’s what I dig =) yum!!

  18. liferegenerator says:

    Green juice recipes for detoxification would be good.

  19. sweet00976 says:

    Dan I think it may be important to treat each video as if each one address new audience members. If I had never seen your videos before I would be totally lost. Just a thought, take care man

  20. MrFrenchtunes says:

    Where can i watch the trailer to your DVD’s i just watched 13 minutes of a 19 minutes video and STILL NO TRAILER !!!! I get the message WHERES THE TRAILER ??

  21. valhala56 says:

    Dan since weed is legal now do you have any recipes with weed?

  22. artlessabyss says:

    Whenever I get some money, I am definitely buying that shirt.

  23. Canyoudigityesyoucan says:

    Yo Santa, your wig could do with primp. I will be needing to alkalize post Xmas celebrations – doing a Jan cleanse tailored for freezing weather? Happy Christmas one and all. Also I have tonsillitis this morning, shall I drink lemon and ginger…. Thanks as always

  24. SkkyCloud9 says:

    You’re wonderful 🙂

  25. ling455 says:

    I digg it! 🙂

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