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  1. Me1995Mo5 says:

    Huuf my brother is always telling me raw food is not good for you and he told me where did you get ur protein I told him from spinach ,nuts and beans and he told me that’s not enought plz Dan help me what should I say to him ?

  2. rolliepolie1 says:

    @topformfitness Saturated fat (found only in dead animal and animal secretions) is way harmful. Heart disease, diabetes, high cholestoral..the list goes on. Healthy fat is in plant foods only (nuts, seeds), this stuff is what our body needs, like you said for the cholestoral we do need and other body functions.

  3. rolliepolie1 says:

    So true: all of the “weight loss” centers are focused around ‘eat this, not that’, like eat a hamburger instead of the cheeseburger, instead of saying ‘stay the heck away from mcdonalds period’. I hate it. My parents have been brainwashed by these people and won’t listen to me when I say eat fruit because they wont even eat carrots because it ‘has too much sugar’. Yet they dump packets of ‘low calorie’ white sugar in their coffee. Heartbreaking! 🙁

  4. topformfitness says:

    I agree with you on so many levels… except that from my understanding cholesterol and saturated fat are not necessarily harmful. We need cholesterol for hormone production and healthy metabolism. Same with many fats we are told are “bad”. But I totally agree with your main point re- eating real food … raw, whole, natural source foods! Cut out the processed grains and starches, drop the chemicals and sugars, and you WILL drop body fat. Your vids rock, my friend… keep it up!

  5. imaccord says:

    YOU’RE THE MAN!! the best motivation/inspirational advice ever! However all that “raw” does remind me of gordon ramsey… *makes some fried chicken with loads of butter* – *curses*.  Jk

  6. lauralikes says:

    oo he’s hot

  7. butterfly23m2k says:

    What’s his full name? I wanna friend him on fb:)

  8. butterfly23m2k says:

    Now that’s a man who really cares, marry me 🙂

  9. edison1137311 says:

    I want to be like this gentleman!!!

  10. wafaranikhan says:

    -3 thankyoou … Seriously

  11. seekperfection says:

    “Connect with members of the opposite sex”… definitely a benefit of switching to all raw fruits and veggies!

  12. SherrylSaunders says:

    @Thomas212 yeah, you are totally right. Glad it worked for you, too! :))
    The diet tips on the site BestWeightLossReviewed(dot)com is a killing,
    I never thought an Internet product could do so well.

  13. bann108 says:

    so true…all that stuff is poison

  14. fjtoys says:

    Full time rv’r?

  15. surid111 says:

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  16. kprairiesun says:

    So glad to hear it put this way-makes so much more sense. Think cell health. Thanks for all your videos. They are very inspiring and informative.

  17. RedMadnessfull says:

    marry me!!!

  18. aasvasbnm says:

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  19. INSIDEBLOOM says:

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  20. going4X6pack says:

    hey guys , check my 50 punds weightloss if you have the time 😀 , thanks !

  21. Xiaolian7 says:

    I am a Falun Gong practitioner. Falun Dafa is a cultivation system in the Buddha School based on the principles of the Universe:

    真 Truthfulness
    善 Compassion
    忍 Forbearance.

    Since 1999 it has been brutally persecuted by the CCP in China. People are being killed, tortured, put into concentration camps and have organs harvested from live people, simply because of their belief. More than 3400 Falun Gong practitioners have died at the hands of CCP in the past 12 years.

  22. LuniaVideo says:

    @silverlom60 Yes, also many of the nutrients are present in the pulp so you do lose some nutrients. Juicing is still better than no veggies at all though.

  23. silentthriller says:

    @hexibus69 Start with bananas. most places they start at 0.59 cents a pound. A plant based diet can work, even on a budget.

  24. cjs33139 says:

    @heathersears30 10 to 15 lbs of body fat? Or muscle? He looks like he is about 5 to 7 percent bodyfat or lower. If he had been a bodybuilder, with a big muscular body but also 5 to 7 percent bodyfat, would you be saying the same thing; “put on some 10 to 15 lbs?”. So he is low bodyfat… what is wrong with that? Because he is slender? You must be overweight and jealous or complacent.

  25. myfriendspencer says:

    How can you be so creative? It must be a gift. Please continue with your greatness.

  26. jpkebal99 says:

    Drink plenty of water. Water is not only option to flush out toxins. When you have more water in your physique you’ll generally feel more healthy and more fit. It additionally helps you’re feeling full, so you do not have the urge to eat so much. And water has no calories at all

  27. weightloss01 says:

    Eating the right food and keeping your self healthy is the key to maintaining proper weight. That I think should be the main idea here, be healthy always. Thanks for the vid! 🙂

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  30. 0210cyntia says:

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  31. Chaaarge says:

    @mrfitandtrim I agree 100%

  32. mrfitandtrim says:

    The formula to weight loss is easy…Eat less & exercise more! If you remember this on your weight loss journey it’ll be a piece of cake* (which you can eat but not the whole damn thing. lol.) Now put the rest of those chips and dip down and bust a sweat!!! (5-6 days a week for 1 hour!! Add resistance training and interval cardio sessions and you’ll see your body change quickly. Don’t eliminate nothing from your diet…just eat less of it…Trust me I lost 60 pounds in 8 months.

  33. humtum722 says:

    @pablourquiza6 how u have lost w8 pls help me 2

  34. nchauhan456 says:

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  35. TokioHoteLuver1234 says:

    if anyone sees this comment and has any suggestions on how i can lose weight please let me know..i need to lose 60 lbs, and i wanna lose it by the time that school starts,which is either sept. 1st or august 31st…not nessaseraly all of it by that time, but at least 40 lbs…and because im obese,that should be an easy start for me….i lose weight pretty fast,but my trouble is keeping it off. even tips on how to lose weight would be great too..to anyone that can help me.thanks!

  36. myshyhoudini says:

    NOTHING NEW HERE! How do you get people to watch….? What this little girl is saying has been said for 50 years! Long before she was born… It may be new to her she should think again before talking.

  37. gandag0d says:

    eat less.u cna eat alot but in small portions.u need to burn more fat than u eat .u need to exercise for 30 min.try to join a sport have fun and loos weight.pic like boxing in an 55min u loose more than 700 calories.martial arts more than 600 calories.try to have less than 350-400 calories a meal.eatmore wite meatand vegetable u loos weight like crazy and if u wann eat red meat make sure u dont haverice or anything like that. water will be ur best friend.try to eat meat wite meat,and vegetavble

  38. Masshiroi says:

    what is lactic acid?

  39. doodlemars says:

    Good . But I lost over 30 lb in one month using weight loss plan from LSWEIGHT(.)INFO


  40. Jibbie49 says:

    Covert Bailey in “Fit or Fat” says to do “wind sprints” to build up the cells to deal with more exercise. You walk REALLY FAST for 10 seconds, then recover, then when you feel good, walk really fast for 10 seconds and recover. He says you will NOT build up lactic acid that way and be sore and your body will improve because it thinks you will be working at the harder level all the time. Covert Bailey had a PBS-TV series for his book.

  41. ukent07 says:

    obviously you wouldn’t be used to it if you’re not in shape…..? bare in mind she’s talking about an unfit person

  42. fitgirlRD says:

    only if your body isnt used to it… you would NOT build up lactic acid after a week of biking or running for 15 mins…
    cells dont get more oxygenated if they dont pass a treshold, only reached if you challenge your body by increasing intensity

  43. ukent07 says:

    But if you go on the 60 minute walk then your cells will have more of a chance to become more oxygenated, whereas going full-out for 15 minutes will just build up more lactic acid….

  44. BIGWORM2O9 says:

    how retarted blaaaaaaahhhhhhh

  45. birdsnlove says:

    very intresting! 🙂

  46. birdsnlove says:

    very intresting

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