Weight Loss Tips Jillian Michaels 1

In this video Jillian Michaels from the biggest loser gives weight loss tips to a woman that is having trouble losing weight.
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  1. BootCampFX says:

    @01Avrilgirl If your goal is fat loss then have a glass of water immediately upon waking and a double espresso 20 minutes prior to the workout. Minimize or eliminate your consumption of refined carbohydrates. Instead focus on eating protein and carbohydrates that don’t spike blood sugar levels. Example: spinach, kale and other green leafy vegetables. Fruit is healthy however it pure sugar. It spikes blood sugar and does NOT accelerate fat loss. So, it too should be avoided.

  2. 01Avrilgirl says:

    i need advise if you work out in the morning should you eat something small before you work out and something after or do you eat after the work out any advice will be wonderful thanks

  3. punkdoors says:

    Undying respect for her

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