Weight Loss Transformation Before and After Pictures

184lb Weight Loss Transformation. Weight Loss Before and After pictures. Extreme weight loss without surgery. Watch my weight loss transformation. I lost 184…

25 Responses to Weight Loss Transformation Before and After Pictures

  1. MsLadysmd says:

    Omg you hit the nail on the head with the picture comment!! Well said.

  2. katiagification says:

    did you experience any loose skin?

  3. Kim Ramsey says:

    This is not the same woman!!!!!

  4. Caroline Queen says:

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  5. aron pavloski says:

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  6. Sachiko Yoshida says:

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  7. booboo3035 says:

    you are a true inspiration. I have lost 21 pounds on atkins so far and I have 291 more pounds to reach my goal but i know i will get there.

  8. Sandi Štehec says:

    My coworkers laughed when I told them I would bulk up with “MegaMAX Muscle Maker”, but then I showed them the results. Go google “MegaMAX Muscle Maker” to see their reaction. (It was epic!)

  9. Bibek Maharjan says:

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  10. diw4k says:

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  11. Elisha Chalise says:

    If you seriously want to bulk up, you should search Google for “Smashing Ripped X”. You are bound to get the body you deserve.

  12. Kinky Krush says:

    U look great…congratzzzz

  13. Syouzan Koju says:

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  14. Zannnnah says:

    Cannot express to you how you do not even bare any resemblance to your former you. It really is extraordinary and an incredible accomplishment, WELL DONE!!!!. I always feel a little odd about telling ppl I don’t know from Adam or in your case Eve that I am proud of them….but I am. Wow Just WOW!

  15. abandonedfate says:

    Thanks for the inspiration. You look great!

  16. Darko Lazarovski says:


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  17. Milan Mitic says:

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  18. Junead Qureshi says:

    If you want to burn calories fast, you should do a google search Cosmos Fat Loss. They can help you get the body you deserve.

  19. sexytee21217 says:

    I am so proud of you…it’s not easy at all. My hat definitely goes off to you… You look wonderful and I wish u well, you motivate me completely I just started me weight lost journey and I’m existed and nervous all rolled up into one..I appreciate this video thank you

  20. D. Willey says:

    You look amazing! I just started my journey in January. So far I have lost 14 lbs.
    I hope to one day do a transformation video. I wish you well during the year 2013 on your weight loss journey.

  21. Emagrecerja says:

    You,re looking so beautiful , congratulation

  22. kerismith24 says:

    Congrats!! Never an easy journey trying to lose weight but you’ve done an amazing job!

  23. Renata Henderson says:

    you look great too!

  24. Renata Henderson says:

    Hi I’ve lost soo much weight and I’ve been wondering did you feel ackward about your new look I’ve changed so much you can check out my vid if you want. I love the new look but I don’t like that ppl who weren’t into me try to talk to me now…..

  25. Neel Purohit says:

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