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25 Responses to Weight Loss Tricks| All Natural

  1. Michele Mikkiney says:

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  6. Nancy Mitchell says:

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  8. John Kennedy says:

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  9. hemanth kharvi says:

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  11. Tonya Best says:

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  13. Barbara Borntreger says:

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  14. Rohit Bose says:

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  15. Kristy Hillier says:

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  16. Temeka Kayser says:

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  17. April Haldy says:

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  18. John Kennedy says:

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  19. TheLunita07 says:

    Next time dont tell us when the next video will be up cause we clearly get a little too excited 🙂 ahha

  20. MissIndigo82 says:

    Like the other comments below I have been waiting with anticipation for your video for a much needed giggle. I have to keep reminding myself that you lead busy lives but I need me some mmandl time girlfrien’s mmmhmmmmm (insert side to side neck movement and finger wiggle here)

  21. Rozanne Muncy says:

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  22. samanthajozette says:

    GET. WITH. THE. PICTURE. LADIES. Haha jk! I bet you guys are super busy! BUT I am looking forward to the hair video!!! 🙂 And *hoping* and *praying* you guys tell us how you get your hair cut!!! Also, would love for you guys to do a Drugstore Skincare video! LOVE LOVE LOVE y’all! xoxoxo

  23. Mindi Keller says:

    LADIES!! i cant take the disappointment anymore!! quit your busy lives and post your videos on time.. broken promises 🙁 im a utah girl and a nail tech so i understand!! but i also love watching your guys!! i need mmandl in my life!! i feel like im loosing you slowly!!
    —-(much sarcasm)
    Michelle ( yeah we have the same name!!)

  24. ucanwrap2 says:

    OH yEH bABY!! Thank for showing that it really works! 🙂 and thanks for sharing the video!

  25. lolosundevil3 says:

    Omg what happened to Saturday?!? :((((

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