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  1. ItalianSweetheart187 says:

    You’re very welcome! =)

  2. Thrifttastticmom1 says:

    thank you my friend!!

  3. ItalianSweetheart187 says:

    I know how difficult it is to lose weight,I too am trying to continue to lose it,just do what you can and you will get there….
    Also you will be in my prayers,I hope all is well at your next appointment ~Sending love from Canada

  4. Thrifttastticmom1 says:

    thank you!

  5. snw1977nati says:

    I love your videos 🙂 Your personality reminds me so much of those in my own family. I will be praying for you. I may be facing surgery myself, so I understand. *hugs*

  6. Thrifttastticmom1 says:

    thanks hun!

  7. Thrifttastticmom1 says:

    thank you!

  8. mrschay11 says:

    you are doing great I love your necklace Im praying for you keep up the hard work :)

  9. mommacoolio says:

    Fantastic weight loss! Great job on your necklace; wouldn’t have ever known it was a buckle.

  10. Thrifttastticmom1 says:

    thanks! make sure you can control yourself with them, they are that good!! lol

  11. Thrifttastticmom1 says:


  12. Thrifttastticmom1 says:

    thank you ms. belinda!!

  13. Thrifttastticmom1 says:

    the 100 calories packs dont bother me, i keep one of them around all the time but anything chocolate or peanut buttery, dont have a chance in my house!! lol

  14. nevahsatisfied says:

    Congrats on cracking the 60’s! I love breaking into a new set of number! I need to try those Chewy Dips…I’m always on the lookout for good snacks. Cute nail color…first thing I noticed. 🙂

  15. SuperLadySheba says:

    Very impressive weight loss!Keep up the good work!Those Chewy Dips r so good…

  16. AnitaIsOnFire says:

    Love your nails and the butterfly as well! Congratulations on the weight loss, you are doing so good! I don’t buy the things I know I won’t be able to control myself around neither, and those bars are just too good to be in my kitchen! LOL Have a great evening! 🙂

  17. belinda ball says:

    donna im so very proud of u and u look amazing girl and wont be long before u get to that 75 lb. goal….good luck with that…that butterfly necklace is beautiful…love the polish….ur in my prayers and thoughts.

  18. mimi4811 says:

    Things like that and those 100 calorie snack packets I can’t have in the house because I will polish off the whole box in a sitting!

  19. Thrifttastticmom1 says:

    thank you hun!

  20. LivingAvalon says:

    That is a great great loss for 7 months!! Great job! I am new, and still getting caught up on your videos. I am sorry about your ankle.. it makes your 7 month loss even more impressive!

  21. Thrifttastticmom1 says:

    thanks girl, you are right about the bars, my old self could eat two boxes of them things before i would quit, so i keep them far away from me now. my son ate all that was left, so i dont have to worry about them anymore!!

  22. Thrifttastticmom1 says:

    It may be awhile before i have a goodwill haul because im doing christmas shopping now and im spending all my money on that. thanks for the comment!!

  23. DonniesSweetie says:

    Hey Donna! I love those Chewy Dipps, haven’t had one in a long while, almost like a candy bar for me so I have to stay away from them, lol. I eat the Kellogs fiber plus bars, and have to control myself with those because of the high fiber. Will certainly be praying your cyst goes down and goes away! I love your butterfly necklace, love that you made it into something new! You are so crafty! Oh I am loving the polish, it is so pretty! You take care of you! Big Hugs! Heather xo

  24. Carla S says:

    Yeah!!! Glad to see you again! I love your new necklace…that is such a great idea. Wow…congratulations on the 73 lb loss so far! I can really tell in your videos the change. Keep up the good work. Looking forward to a Goodwill haul from you, soon! Lol. Still praying for you! ~Carla

  25. Thrifttastticmom1 says:

    aww, thanks so much!!

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