What I eat in a day (My Diet Routine)

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  1. SIngingismypassion29 says:

    Awesome thank you!! And love the song!

  2. Tony Kapil says:

    My family laughed when I told them I was going to lose fat with Zippy Fat Loss, but then they saw the results. Google Zippy Fat Loss to see their reaction.

  3. casitey brandon says:

    Ignore all the hatters they just need to get a life

  4. DosonTheGreat says:


  5. DosonTheGreat says:

    Not enough meat! Kill the bread! How dare you eat chips! Lose some weight!

  6. claraschinzel says:

    thats not even healthy?! Like whats healthy with peanut butter?!! eat fruit instead

  7. superhappy1664 says:

    i looked it up on a couple of sites and they said pesetarianism is considered a form of being a vegetarian. because i cut out redmeat,pork,and gelatin i wanted too know what i was or if i was still just a regular eater and it said i was a semi vegatarian at least that what the sites say there are so many different forms of being vegan/vegatarian.

  8. tiffanykeepgoing says:

    thanks for yr tips;);) very inspiring!!

  9. Patriciaomolo says:

    “less makeup” i consider you to be wearing loads of makeup. my mom would smack me if i looked like that!

  10. adr1z says:

    I totally agree with u!!! hahaha u called them fatties! that made me laugh! 🙂

  11. SunKissedLove86 says:

    I eat like the same things as you everyday! And I don’t think it’s too little. I mean we just have smaller appetites 🙂 That protien stuff looks really good because I am a gymnast and vegetarian also so I need a lot of protien! Thanks for this video!

  12. enjoyurlife87 says:

    Hihi, have you seen this thing called the SkinniMaker Diet? (look it up on google). My buddy says it helps people melt fat.

  13. mtvfanxotastic33 says:

    you think sushi is a splurge meal? sushi is good for you…well it depends on what kind you get. I should show you a cheat meal! I have one every saturday and yesterday i had pizza with a brownie sundae! mmmmm. And I didn’t gain a pound. Its all about balance girl, its all about balance.

  14. bluewildflower12 says:

    I just found ur videos, wish I would have earlier, now I’m watching all ur vids because you’ve expired me!

  15. Melanie Murphy says:

    You look like scarlett johanson! :O

  16. Bendsiac says:

    You have great taste in music! haha

  17. fabrotem says:

    can u pls do a recipe for the tortia?

  18. MissBombshellBeauty says:

    thats what my moms buys and Doctor Oz recommended it

  19. MissBombshellBeauty says:

    because I eat at school and its always boring and the same

  20. xDdance333 says:

    why didn’t you mention lunch….?

  21. AGFashionAcademy says:

    This is equivalent to what I eat in an hour.

  22. missloliipop says:

    Could you recommend any vegetable soups? And I would love to see more cooking videos for lunch, and maybe if you have any shake/smoothie recipes. I love your videos 🙂

  23. MissBombshellBeauty says:

    Pure protein

  24. cagibsonAWESOMENESS says:

    this doesnt seem like enough calories in one day.. its great that you are eating healthy food but i dont think it is necessary to have low calorie bread, for example, among others

  25. ThePinklover1010 says:

    your voice sounds shaky were you sick?

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