Women Weight Loss Tips – Foods I Should Eat to Lose Weight Faster

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24 Responses to Women Weight Loss Tips – Foods I Should Eat to Lose Weight Faster

  1. FamilyGuyBlast says:

    Good video here ­čÖé you´╗┐ can check out weight loss expert talking on fox – /watch?v=9QpzdK7wdYY

  2. billapine says:

    You guys are handsome but please get your mouth “fit” Your foul language is not becoming at all. It takes away from your message. Fit body and fit mouth´╗┐ is the way to go.

  3. SharMusiQ says:

    ‘Man stop with´╗┐ the ‘F’ bombs’ Lool

  4. mytimesag says:


  5. Soraya4U says:

    @ladyinmauve looooolll i also noticed that he had´╗┐ no ring!

  6. Cornyco says:


  7. k1mori7 says:

    “Eat half of that shyt and´╗┐ save it for later”….lol man these brothers are fyne

  8. marimar70 says:

    Bravissimi e bellissimi´╗┐ ^^

  9. liladylu says:

    you´╗┐ swear so much!

  10. LILROCKKANDI says:

    Oh´╗┐ and the white WORKS!!!!

  11. LILROCKKANDI says:

    Don’t make me blush like dat….´╗┐ boi stooooop…. I awready sub’d …..MWAHHH

  12. grimeydude1 says:

    haha funny,´╗┐ thanks

  13. jazzeyma25 says:

    thank you for the insight…i am definitely trying to lose weight….and you´╗┐ guys are so gorgeous….you make it easy to watch and listen to your videos.

  14. xORIGINALTEE says:

    …I only eat 2´╗┐ times a day.

  15. MindaFraser says:

    This is´╗┐ my most favorite video from you ! SO HELPFUL! thank you!

  16. atessaway13 says:

    Fine, SEXY, and helpful!!!!´╗┐

  17. 19fungirl79 says:

    aaww, yall sweet and sexist, tryin not to curse on the lady channel,´╗┐ LOL. let the f-bombs go, i like to hear y’all say it ­čśë

  18. S3234953 says:

    Don’t cook with olive oil, cook´╗┐ with extra virgin coconut oil

  19. S3234953 says:

    You guys should try quinoa instead of rice, look into it´╗┐

  20. lamusicajunky says:

    I may have drooled a lil lol. I would give up my carbs for one´╗┐ of these guys. Yell at me! I need to attend hotman boot camp I think…..Hah … Where’s the exercise video ? ­čśë

  21. jenni87181 says:

    you guys are hott´╗┐ lol

  22. wowwyhoop123 says:

    Y’all are rude as´╗┐ hell!!!!!!!

  23. sexypoochie1115 says:

    funny ´╗┐ n sexyyy

  24. kikiharris75 says:

    LMAO @ Jaquita & Aquafina up´╗┐ the street.

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