Yummy Green Smoothie Recipe! Ep280

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25 Responses to Yummy Green Smoothie Recipe! Ep280

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  3. Angie Herman says:

    Thats cause you only added one green thing lol but nice mix tho

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  7. Alovine4U says:

    lol fo’real!!

  8. Latrece Thomas says:

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  9. Popedavid21 says:

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  10. eroticmasterbaker says:

    I made this smoothie. Its NOT yummy. Its Super Dooper Yummelicious!!!

  11. TheSorshaOfficial says:

    I thought spinach blocked other forms of iron? I know spinach has a lot of iron but yeah

  12. TheEda1313 says:

    wow that was fast lol

  13. AF0093 says:

    How long can you keep a green juice or smoothie in a mason jar? I don’t have them in the jars longer than 24 hours, but I love having the ease of juicing and pour it in 3 mason jars for the next day. What are your thoughts on how long can they be in a jar?

  14. littlerosa says:

    It was edited.

  15. AnnaBanana060498 says:


  16. indrreee says:

    you’re glowing!!!

  17. LeQasida Argent says:

    I think the dentist did that but she did pay him off with a smoothie

  18. thedietman says:

    They sure made your teeth white!!

  19. Tyler Hutchens says:

    That looks like something I want to put in my body. There is so much bad food out there, and they keep getting worse, but it’s great to see how you can make use of the produce eisle to something yummy, and extremely healthy.

  20. KTHREE31 says:

    Don’t watch “belly fat torchmax”, it’s propaganda.
    RawRadientHealth, nice green smoothy though. 🙂

  21. scythi ann says:

    how many calories does this contain?

  22. BRENDAJASON1 says:

    WOW one second blender were did you get that at

  23. neeny727 says:

    Hi 🙂 I really like doing green smothies to improve my health but i would like to put in more fruit but im a little high in sugar so im not sure if i put all the fruit together and drinking it up at once; would that be a big boost of sugar? Please if somebody could answer me! (sorry for my english i tried my better hope i have made the point haha)

  24. Shawndra Higgins says:

    Thank you for the share and the description for those of us that “RUNS” when we see anything green! lol Because of how ignorant I am about the nutritional value of ANYTHING, I would’ve liked to hear what KIND of nutrients I would benefit from this smoothie and what exactly those nutrients do for me. You know cause I’m still lazy and I wanted to save some time! lol 😉 You’re great though, so thank you!!!! *hugs*

  25. 061305 says:


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