13 Tips to Make the Paleo Diet Easy

Inside this video you will discover 13 tips that will make following the paleo diet super easy! It doesn’t have 35 likes just for kicks. Humans really do lik…
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25 responses to “13 Tips to Make the Paleo Diet Easy”

  1. DanniDams3 Avatar

    heyy you mentioned cooking eggs in butter, but on paleo/primal you arent supposed to cook with it. only put in on after the food is done cooking. just wanted to let ya know 🙂

  2. LimeLilly Avatar

    I knew from your first sentence that you were from Chicago lmaoo me tooo 🙂

  3. SandyzSerious Avatar

    A+ video.

  4. Bob Bobson Avatar
    Bob Bobson

    Not all paleos are strict on the dairy, except for fluid milk (full of lactose).

  5. Bob Bobson Avatar
    Bob Bobson

    Todd, I think dairy depends on your genetics. If you don’t react poorly to it most is fine, especially if it is the fat or the lactose has been removed through fermentation.

  6. Bob Bobson Avatar
    Bob Bobson

    Okanawans have get over 50% of their calories from pork and fish.

  7. Aaron Kay Avatar
    Aaron Kay

    @William Price never said they dont eat meat, they also eat heaps of sweet potatoes and rice. The main thing is the portions of meat are small, over in America we eat huge slabs of bbq i think thats the difference.

  8. William Price Avatar
    William Price

    Pork is a main staple of an Okinawan diet, they eat is in alot of their meals.

  9. serendipitousingh Avatar

    Great video buddy! I consider myself quite underweight so can you tell me how I can increase muscle mass thru a paleo diet? Cheers kid 🙂

  10. Yavor Stankov Avatar
    Yavor Stankov

    Have you heard about Fat Blast Furnace? (Google it) It is a quick and easy way for you to burn fat fast.

  11. Agh3602 Avatar

    this is good site to get some reciepes for free livingpaleofood. org

  12. jorgel216 Avatar

    Very well said…, let’s be happy no matter what. Good job. Thanks 😉

  13. PureTrimWeightLoss Avatar

    Stop being awesome!

  14. Yuuki1805 Avatar

    so no grains ( bread, rice etc.) no beans ( so meat is our main protein i guess?) and no legumes ( lentils) and no dairy, (or only limited and organic on occasion). alright. i think grains and dairy are by far the hardest. any tips on how you guys made it? im inspired right now

  15. Clement Chabernaud Avatar
    Clement Chabernaud

    the problem is that i gave up grains and dairy at the same time, and my acne cleared… so i have no idea which one it was. oh well, dont plan to go back to either.

  16. Michael Wilson Avatar
    Michael Wilson

    I tried Ghee… It’s just not that great, just go grass-fed butter or nothing.

  17. DeCreshio Avatar

    Hey good advice. A good place for Paleo Recipes is FOOD4THEMIND. COM

    LOVE IT.

    Started Vegan. Living Paleo

  18. Dave Waldeck Avatar
    Dave Waldeck

    Great tips. Thanks man!

  19. redowen333 Avatar

    Good point that the Paleo Diet is about feeling happy and alive, not becoming a food fascist 🙂 If I eat pizza at someone’s house party it’s not going to make any difference, but eating fresh fruit and veg for the rest of the week in my own home will.

  20. Todd Dosenberry Avatar
    Todd Dosenberry

    I think you confused me. Are you being sarcastic with your fist sentence and then real with your second?

  21. Todd Dosenberry Avatar
    Todd Dosenberry

    Almonds are OK but my body prefers to limit nuts. I do OK with blanched almonds but not OK with raw almonds with the skin.

    Butter is dairy, yes, but it is super duper low in the proteins that are problematic with dairy. I’d say 9 out of 10 folks thrive with butter. If not, clarified butter or ghee is great.

  22. Aaron Kay Avatar
    Aaron Kay

    First step, convince yourself that carbs are the devil and lead to obesity and death. Even though the Okinawans who arguably have the best longevity in the world live off of sweet potatoes and rice and very little meat.

  23. Madeline Kaplan Avatar
    Madeline Kaplan

    Are almonds not allowed?
    Why did you mention butter, is butter allowed on Palio? I thought diary was out.

  24. Matthew Hall Avatar
    Matthew Hall

    Your shirt reminds me of StarTrek

  25. ram maharjan Avatar
    ram maharjan

    Have you heard about “Lean Body Maximizer”? (look for it on google) It is a quick way for you to get rid of fat fast.

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