Mini goal reached: Be in the 180s This is too much weight to lose for most people in 3 weeks, but I went from eating up to 10000 calories a day to a normal amount of 1500, so that’s why I dropped so much weight so fast. I was a severe binge eater, so I was gaining weight extremely quickly, which is why I was able to lose it so quickly. If you want to know how many calories you should eat, sign up at caloriecount.about.com . You put in all of your information, how much weight you want to lose, when you want to lose it by and it will tell you how much to eat. Then you can add the foods you eat to a food log and track how many calories you’re eating.







25 responses to “200 LBS Weight Loss BEFORE AND AFTER”

  1. JadoreDior Avatar

    Hey, did you get any stretch marks once you gained weight?

  2. theodorechipmunkful Avatar

    @ChopsDoggy she is just trying to get herself to a healthy weight. I think that everyone wants to be at a healthy weight, including the starving people. Why are you trying to put her down for trying to be healthy? She has the right to want to be healthy as well. also, why do you say that it’s America’s fault that they don’t have food there? They have a bad government system ( i don’t see how that’s America’s fault) and they actually do give a lot of charity to those places. Stop being ignorant.

  3. Stoxx85 Avatar

    Congrats on the hard work, but really using US pounds in all your video descriptions to increase view counts is slightly annoying, i guess it works seeing as fat Americans would account for 90% of your view count

  4. Mongodelight Avatar

    please subscribe me if you re interested in a weight loss progress documentary. My diet is to eat unlimited carbs, low fat and very low sodium. I tried it for 4 days before and lost more than a pound per day . Lets see if i can proove that carbs dont make you fat but lean. Salt makes you gain weight, if you eat more carbs that usually means more salt = more water retention = weight gain. I dont eat added salt at all in my program. Please subscribe!

  5. michellerocksxox Avatar

    Could you plz email me at michellelrocks@hotmail.com I would like to know how you did that plz! Im 13 too and i need tolose belly fat in 20 days

  6. caitylicious98 Avatar

    Good Job! How are you going now?

  7. BillTheTrainer Avatar

    Anyone struggling with their weight needs to read the new book by Sean Croxton. I’m a personal trainer and even I learned things from it. It’s really an eye opener!

    Step 1: Go to FatLossDarkSide. com

    Step 2: Read the guide and actually FOLLOW IT!

    If you do that, then really, there’s no way you wouldn’t get results. The info is all there, the rest is pretty much up to you.

    Alright, that’s my recommendation and good deed for the day 😉

  8. CrimsonOkami Avatar

    @ChopsDoggy You don’t have to be such an elitist jackass about it. Guess what, people can donate to charity AND have self esteem/identity issues. Let me guess, you’re perfect, right?

  9. googooberries Avatar


  10. belandiful Avatar

    @mislamb88 Hi, It’s good to hear from you again..That’s right it’s the site WeightLossAction.Info . I didn’t know it can be very effective. I am happy to hear that it wrks for you too!

  11. tabeetha100 Avatar

    just do what paris hilton do and go on drugs. hahahaha

  12. tabeetha100 Avatar

    duh retard she just said people thought she was pregnant. And she lost weight. hella deaf. just exercise and eat right

  13. Aloteco Avatar

    Hello there! Have you ever tried intellectus 424 diet (google it)? Ive heard some awesome things about it and my cousin lost a lot of weight with it.

  14. alanaswiss1 Avatar


  15. MMArtist99 Avatar

    I’ve been a certified trainer for about 11 years now so I figured I’d give some advice.

    Space is limited here so anyone who wants to learn more HONEST info, I recommend that all my clients read the six pack system by Mike Geary.

    SixPackSystem. com


    1) Cut out carbs in the evenings (eat low “GI” carbs throughout the day)

    2) Choose exercises that burn the most calories (NOT sit ups and curls)
    Ex. Squats, Lunges, Pull Ups etc.

    3) Perform “HIIT” to boost metaboism.

  16. CandieBarr6669 Avatar

    @alykorbo you can’t get rid of them. You can help the fade by drinking a min of 64oz water and putting some baby oil in a bath for about 15 mins 3+ times a week and by using moisturizer after every shower.
    But only way to get rid of them as they’re scars is surgery

  17. ChopsDoggy Avatar

    @ByeByeBelly What…? Your getting the whole thing wrong. Another fundamental problem we face in the western world in which we feel that ‘giving’ material things will fix our problems. Its not a question of giving, its question of changing our attitude and mentality. Ever wonder why its only in the developed west(and east) that we have problems such as obesity and depression. The more we have, the sadder, fatter etc, we are. Bring a somalian on this website and he… would ….. be….. shocked.

  18. ByeByeBelly Avatar

    @ChopsDoggy We can donate money to charities but we can’t literally give our food to starving people. I am on the opposite side of the world to america. I (along with many people) have an eating disorder so saying just stop eating isn’t helpful. What about animals being tortured for their meat? Not many people care about that either

  19. ChopsDoggy Avatar

    Identity and self-esteem issues …? people are dying all over the world from starvation. The obesity epidemic and our obsession with weight loss in the western world, particurly america is sickening. If you people want to lose weight, stop buying food, or if you have too much, give it to your local homeless man … or just think about the gaunt, bony, dying eritrean man holding his starving child due to obese westerners(americans) monopolising the worlds food resources.

  20. alykorbo Avatar

    i was on medication be4 to help me mentally and one of the sideaffects was weight gain. i have recently independently decided to go off the medication. i have lost twenty pounds and am now at 123 pounds. but i have strech marks on my breasts and my upper legs.. do u kno anyway to be rid of em? plz answer 🙂

  21. alykorbo Avatar

    @whytheyprotestnyido2 hey i TOTALLY agree wid u loll but wats with the (Y)? 🙂

  22. chyrreiaxo Avatar

    how much weight did you lose between these two pictures? 20?

  23. jinnaplusbrenyn97 Avatar

    how did you do it??

  24. improvethefoodorg Avatar

    Don’t spend your money on junk products to lose weight. Four simple steps, FREE for the taking, no strings attached. The same steps the physicians at obesity clinics use. Don’t waste your hard earned money. You don’t go hungry. You just follow four rules and that’s all.

  25. FreeOnlineWorkouts Avatar

    I’ve been studying the topic of weight loss for about 10 years now (I’m a personal trainer for a living) so I think I can shed some light on the topic.


    1) Cut out carbs in the evenings (eat “low glycemic” carb sources in the day).

    2) Choose the exercises that burn the most calories (NOT sit ups and curls). Squats, Lunges, Pull Ups etc. are great examples.

    3) Use the software and meal plans from FatLossCustomized. com

    4) Perform high intensity interval training.

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