3-Day Green Smoothie Cleanse: Collard Greens Recipe [Day -1]

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  1. ElenaVegan Avatar

    You should now try adding a little bit of cilantro to some smoothies–delicious!

  2. Darcey DeRosa Avatar
    Darcey DeRosa

    I’m new to the Vitamix and I used collard greens for the first time in a smoothie. Came out great! Thanks for giving the the idea!

  3. ElenaVegan Avatar

    Yes, but it is easier and faster to do it this way. No fun to overburden the motor unless there is a need for it.

  4. Darcey DeRosa Avatar
    Darcey DeRosa

    Why add everything separate? Isn’t the Vitamix strong enough to blend all the ingredients together?

  5. Brady Wilson Avatar
    Brady Wilson

    As a rule you should only juice your greens and maybe things with lower sugar like carrots. Blend your fruits because you don’t want the sugar to enter your blood stream to quickly. You need the fruit pulp to slow the sugar absorption. Juicing your greens is fine and very beneficial, but I believe you should eat them whole or blended as well. Blending is awesome because most of us don’t chew our food enough. That being said you still need to chew your smoothie to get your saliva mixed in.

  6. MrBINGEBOY Avatar

    Juicing isn’t better

  7. nephew455 Avatar

    what exactly do you think you are cleansing?

  8. ElenaVegan Avatar

    Thank you! And you can use any greens you like, as long as you rotate them at least every couple of days, to something different.

  9. artclasscrush Avatar

    i have never tasted collard greens… can we use mustard greens instead? and you have very pretty hair 🙂

  10. rezibrokai Avatar

    WARNING!! **** orthorexia **** It is when you deplete your body of nutrients on a 801010 like diet. This leads to severe damage of your inner organs. Recommendations of USDA was created by a committee of scientists. Ask your doctor!

  11. sdushdiu Avatar

    Instead of basing opinions on feelings, check out the verified & reproduced clinical studies of Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn.
    An realize that while juicing is a high glycemic sugar water, with too much fruit, a smoothie can become so as well.

    Add lemon to counteract bitterness.
    And adding aloe vera juice which only acts as a laxative is a bit strange.

  12. sdushdiu Avatar

    Why not just additional fruit – at the risk of making it high glycemic????

  13. HomePersonalSecurity Avatar

    Juicing is better, but it is such a pain using the thing.
    I just bought the Nutri Bullet, . . it’s like the Vita Mix, but
    it’s small and fast and easy to use and clean. I like it.

  14. ElenaVegan Avatar

    That is the point–fiber will help you get junk out and detox your body. Having regular bowel movements is a blessing–less toxins in your body, less waste, less weight. And smoothies are meant to replace a meal. Try having them regularly for a few days, or even do a 3 day cleanse and you will feel like a new person :).

  15. 785tt9gh Avatar

    right but dont you think that after blending fruits and vegetables there is too much pulp and stuff that remains? If you had to eat that you would be going to the bathroom very often. Moreover you would feel totally full. What do you think?

  16. ElenaVegan Avatar

    Since we are not juicing but using a WHOLE FOOD, then blenders are much better. In juicing you lose all pulp, so you end up with no fiber, and juices 1. oxidize quickly, and 2. release too much sugar way too quickly into your blood stream; for these reasons I do prefer blending and do not juice, except on a RARE occasion (about once a year if that ;), and only for fun).

  17. ElenaVegan Avatar

    Well, some of us vegans are beegans… but you can use dates or maple syrup as well.

  18. ElenaVegan Avatar

    Ice IS water! And if you blend it for 2 minutes in a Vitamix it won’t only liquefy it will become warm water. #2, different people love different consistency to smoothies, so, if you like a pudding, that is great, if you like it more liquid, awesome as well, just as long as you get your greens in.

  19. 1too3fore Avatar

    Honey is not vegan! What’s up with that?

  20. photogher Avatar

    Wayyy too much water used.  Instead of adding water try adding 2 cups of ice and blend longer until the smoothie is super smooth (about 2 minutes total). Finish blending on variable speed #1 for another 20 seconds to make sure any foam is gone.

  21. Luciane5 Avatar


  22. 785tt9gh Avatar

    Some people in youtube affirm that a juicer is more effective than a blender. what do you think?

  23. Stephanie Dittrich Avatar
    Stephanie Dittrich

    I love your name! It reminds me of the vampire diaries! lol. Love starting off the day with a green smoothie, gets me nice and prepared for the gym!

  24. ElenaVegan Avatar

    yep, algae 🙂

  25. rayunseitig Avatar

    algie huh?

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