33lbs Lost! Before & After Pics (Weightloss Update)

How I lost 33 pounds (15kg) and dropped 4 dress sizes and kept it off through healthy eating and exercise. No diet pills, no quick fixes – just making health…
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47 responses to “33lbs Lost! Before & After Pics (Weightloss Update)”

  1. unbelaneablebeautyy Avatar

    You look young, beautiful, happy, and fit. I’m proud of you and you have inspired me to get serious about getting healthier 🙂

  2. jojosandmonkey Avatar

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  3. Tracy Bigelow Avatar
    Tracy Bigelow

    Thank you for sharing this video! I’m on my weigh loss journey, and I’ve lost lots of weight, a very good tip; drink a lot of water, this is not a myth, water will clean all your system and in this way it work better therefore you’ll process better the food and the food won’t become fat.
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    Now I’m looking for a good exercise program, which one do you recommend?

  4. Dorra ben mahmoud Avatar
    Dorra ben mahmoud

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  5. xxGuItArGiRLxx89 Avatar

    You look 10 years younger slimmer. Love you Julia!

  6. demran01 Avatar

    you were beautiful even at your highest weight

  7. MissEmmanuella95 Avatar

    I would love to have some support and encouraging words from people as I go through my journey of weight loss.
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  8. OhSoYasmine Avatar

    AMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAZING!! and this is why I’m subscribing to you

  9. anusha wewage Avatar
    anusha wewage

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  10. dreamweaverp Avatar

    Did u hang onto your fat cloths? Most people hold onto fat cloths. Its like when people let go of fat cloths they gain gain.

  11. Ismay Verbeek Avatar
    Ismay Verbeek

    Looks really good! You also look a lot happier

  12. seo moz Avatar
    seo moz

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  13. Tej Thagunna Avatar
    Tej Thagunna

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  14. KoeniginLucy Avatar

    This video actually motivated me to start losing weight, too. Right now, I’ve lost 12 kilos so far..8 more to go…and then I’m good to go 🙂 Thanks for the motivation and sharing all this with us.

  15. Merve Coşkun Avatar
    Merve Coşkun

    Thank you so much for your sharing and helping ! Definetly changed my thougts about losing weight.You can’t imagine 😀

  16. Ananta Shrestha Avatar
    Ananta Shrestha

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  17. Blake Bradley Avatar
    Blake Bradley

    @l544jkl I can’t agree with you! The best way to lose weight is to do 5 or 6 small meals a day besides there are many to enjoy all foods and lose weight at the same time in a totally healthy way, a doctor told me that!
    Actually the link to his method is on my profile’s description, I followed his full method and lost tooooo much weight! I’m happy now 🙂

  18. Blake Bradley Avatar
    Blake Bradley

    Thumbs up for your vid! 🙂 I lost 60 ponds with a cool program! I can’t post the link here but is in the description of my profile

    Now I’ll start doing exercise!

  19. carmen reda Avatar
    carmen reda

    Thank you

  20. nayelischoice Avatar

    Start with small things and work your way up.Like start a small workout routine.Like once a week any time of the wk.Then a couple of months later when you feel like you deff can,do twice a wk then 3 times a week and if its too hard 3 times a week go back to 2 times a wk.That way you dont give up on the whole thing.Then X out foods slowly,like if you usually have sweets 3 times a day try twice a day then a couple of wks later try once a day and do the same with other bad habbits and foods 🙂

  21. Amrita Pathak Avatar
    Amrita Pathak

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  22. rupeshkan Avatar

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  23. Mayra G. Avatar
    Mayra G.

    Awesome change! Nice body! Very proud of you!

  24. gobeng7 Avatar

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  25. Giovanni Vigni Chitti Avatar
    Giovanni Vigni Chitti

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    Bibek Maharjan

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  27. TheKamisinhaSDR Avatar

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  28. durianriders Avatar

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    Get educated or get medicated..

  29. pwnuwanprasanga Avatar

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  30. rasmi lakhe Avatar
    rasmi lakhe

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  31. JustAnotherVegan Avatar

    The study in question is the Sydney Diet Heart Study. As it turns out, the vegetable fat used in this study was partially hydrogenated. You can read about this in the article “ROUND-UP: Dietary fats and heart disease (BMJ*) — experts respond.”

    So if you replace saturated fat with trans fat, of course there’s not going to be any substantial benefit. Durianriders isn’t suggesting omega-6 oil consumption anyway, so I don’t see the point in bringing this up.

  32. Budi Fals Ambulu Avatar
    Budi Fals Ambulu

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  33. Nicholas Flamel Avatar
    Nicholas Flamel

    Yo I think she looked wayyyy better on the paleo diet just saying she went from sexy to skinny sucked up little bitch just like this douche bag of a human being

  34. lendreat Avatar

    Hi Durianrider, i was wondering what do you think about that article about a man who created a special drink called Soylent, so that he would never have to eat again? vice.com/en_uk/read/rob-rhinehart-no-longer-requires-food if the link doesn’t appear just look in google for ”Rob hinehard stopped eating food”

  35. gegus Avatar

    Nice “diet video.” Really helped me “research”

  36. khaclinh huynhvo Avatar
    khaclinh huynhvo

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  37. rminitials Avatar

    rofl dude…. made me laugh hard

  38. 69ayanami Avatar

    Hey guys I have a question; do you guys eat vege? And why or why not. I am genuinely interested.

  39. Kyli craig Avatar
    Kyli craig

    I am using weight loss idealiss pills. I just started using it a week ago, the pills help me control my eating. I have lost about 10 pounds,

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  40. WeightLossDietss Avatar

    Hey i just watched your amazing video thank you for this. Please can you check out my channel and tell me your opinion? Thanks

  41. featherflyaway Avatar


  42. HybridD91 Avatar

    Finally. I’m sick of people saying they know where they’re meat comes from as if it makes them more ethical. At least those who are ignorant about the source of their meat have an excuse and the name calling isn’t necessary. Leave that for me as I, and I alone, posses an amazing gift to properly troll and swear.

  43. HybridD91 Avatar

    You can either walk to New York or fly. Similar outcome =/= similar paths. I would rather be skinny (ignoring that I’m not skinny) on a vegan diet than be skinny eating animals.

  44. HybridD91 Avatar

    Freelea is a constant reminder for me to not pass up on fat chicks. I know it’s mean and many fat girls are cute with great personalities but healthy eating and exercise are integral parts of my lifestyle. Fat people are hard to motivate and I’m terrible with patience, especially when I know I’m right. Prehaps a fat girl could help me as well -__-.

  45. 9mler Avatar

    If you think the first one was fat (as in, 0:01 on the left) then you are out of touch with reality. Sure she’s not toned in that picture but it is far from what anyone can call “fat”

    “She’s still making videos and she’s still skinny.” Yeah, there are also plenty of other people with fast metabolisms who eat all day without gaining weight, so I’m not convinced.

    I would not tap Freelee as she looks like a skeleton to me. She would break easily.

  46. TrainingtobeUltra Avatar

    This may be a premature question as I’m still reading 80/10/10, but according to cronometer I’m allowed 1387 calories. I’ve heard you talk about eating unlimited amounts of fruit, but how would that work with calorie limits? Thanks.

  47. Jas Persa Avatar
    Jas Persa

    You know where your meat comes from? Who gives a fuck? They still get there throats slit just so you could eat them bitch.

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