5 Diet and Nutrition tips

Dr. Lisa Hark, registered dietician offers advice about a healthy diet






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  1. jdh91741 Avatar

    forget lowfat milk. Forget all dairy products, sugar and wheat. A slice of white bread has the same carbohydrate load as sugar.

  2. 22y32g9 Avatar

    Drink Alkaline Water raising your ph is very important to your overall health adding lemons to your water or adding apple cider vinegar to your salad will raise your pH
    adding aluminum free baking soda to 1 gallon of tap water will make alkaline water at10.0 ph give some to your pets as this will help them live a healthier happier and longer life.
    get some pH testing tape you can yest your family and you don’t need a lab coat.our pH needs to be at 7.365 or 7.4 pH will boost your immune system

  3. ajhrockerboy6 Avatar

    red wine in moderation, avocados, almonds, bananas, oatmeal, berries, and more delicious healthy foods along with exercise.

  4. TheRealFoodCoach Avatar

    This is great, people need advice they can actually work with. It is realistic!


  5. C4nY0uR34dTh1s Avatar

    @Sweetumz214 I felt what you really feel now, sis. I also did a lot of diet method but it seems that it just didn’t work out. But I found this site that really was amazing. I am now in 127lbs. I lost 63lbs in just 2weeks. The site name is WeightLossAction.Info..
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  6. TheZippy87 Avatar

    sweetened drinks = the silent culprit!

  7. leoncharlieski Avatar

    Very Good Tips to relieve the Excess weight.I will try my Best to this Exercise as I believe it has excellent Chances of loosing sone of my Excess weight..Thank You Dr. Lisa Hark for your very good tips to loose to follow your basic & easy advice.–LEON.

  8. quezcoptal Avatar

    @warfat I truly agree with you there! The diet program you mention is the only solution that gave me better results. I think that the site name was like WeightLossAction.Info anyway, you got that misspelled.

    Thumbs up if that diet helped you, too!

  9. liftingrawfood Avatar


  10. ImJustATeenageGirl14 Avatar

    Quick and simple- I liked that :]

  11. ijco100 Avatar

    I love your video! You offer some fantastic insights. I am a professor of recreation and health at my university, and I am beginning a weightloss blog, offering insights from my own education and experience, but I am also looking to educate myself through videos like yours. Thank you, and keep up the good work!

  12. wickedtexas Avatar

    bottom line.. stop drinking soda n all that sweet crap u drink n eat n u will be thin.. this is hard 2 do 4 most ppl, thats y theyre fat

  13. jphill4 Avatar

    I have taken large amounts of vitamins since I was 16 years old. At 37 I had a sonogram of my heart and aorta etc done…the technician told me i had the cleanest heart and surrounding vessels she had ever seen…mind you, my diet for the previous 15+ years had been 80% fast food or processed food..i was 100 pounds overweight..ate a lot of eggs and meat..Kind of odd as I expected to have some build up considering my diet and that I never exercised.

  14. alieno5655 Avatar

    Hi hi! Have you ever tried intellectus 424 diet (do a google search)? Ive heard some great things about it and my cousin lost crazy amounts of weight with it

  15. fabulouswatches Avatar

    interesting.. i heard the bexy diet is similar to what she recommends

  16. al256byu Avatar

    I have heard from a couple of nutritionist and health experts that shell fish is bad, I don’t really understand why. Is there any truth to that? (scallops, crab, shrimp, etc)

  17. macktysontv Avatar

    Did she just recommend 2 drinks of alcohol every day??? YES!!!! *sarcasm*

  18. finechico20 Avatar

    Thank you! This was very to the point! Just how I like it.

  19. jlusch21 Avatar

    Great tips! Very impressed and very short.

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  20. LitttleD94 Avatar

    This was actually very informative.

  21. mangiecat Avatar

    1Limit meat intake to 1-2 times per week
    2 Avoid artificial sweeteners and diet products (chemicals that will actually make you fat and give you diabetes)
    3 Exercise 2-3 times per week start by walking if you don’t like to exercise
    4 Increase water intake, try lemon in your water
    5 Decrease caffeine intake
    6 Eat only whole unprocessed foods, organic fruits and veggies if possible locally grown is better then supermarket purchased and whole grains

  22. liltrixes Avatar

    smart womenl this diet is basically just how i eat … but the drinking part lol ill i have to say is what can a girl do in college but home work and party fuck that part lol just saying …

  23. SugarFreeTargets Avatar

    3 fruits and 3 vegetables a day? I think people should be consuming a LOT more then that.

  24. nargarothfreak666 Avatar


    huh i thgough you need 100 Gram of fruit
    and vegetables aday.

  25. JNJhealth Avatar

    @wondergirlsy I agree with you! Her tip is great and should be followed! Moderation is the key, as long as you eat sweets and carbs in moderation there is no reason why you still can’t lose weight and enjoy yourself during the process!

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