6 Minute Six Pack Meals – The Ultimate Breakfast for 6 Pack Abs

http://www.sixpackfactory.com brings you another episode of Peter Carvell’s 6 Minute Six Pack Meals. In this episode Peter shows you one of best tasting brea…
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25 responses to “6 Minute Six Pack Meals – The Ultimate Breakfast for 6 Pack Abs”

  1. ePeakPerformanceEP2 Avatar

    This was a great treat for breakfast. Thanks for the recipe.

  2. DevilXDful Avatar

    could u give me an alternative for pinatbutter??

  3. CraftyBro Avatar

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  4. Kyungshinyoon Avatar

    Whell… now i have to buy all this shit? Fuck it… i go eat egg on bread.

  5. hypertension Avatar

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  6. jackthekiller1000 Avatar

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  7. rupesh lamsal Avatar
    rupesh lamsal

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  8. qasimawan1000 Avatar

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  9. abdu bitar Avatar
    abdu bitar

    is he ripped or a fitness tranier only i am just wondering bc all his videos are all with differtn pictures of other body fitness guys

  10. April Joy Avatar
    April Joy

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  11. Md Najam Avatar
    Md Najam

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  12. maria4616 Avatar

    I think that strawberries especially and raspberries would be better since it has cocoa.

  13. daemon100yes Avatar

    Oh my god did I see Woolworths coco powder?!

  14. NahNoProblem Avatar

    use less fat/oil to make the pancake, in a non-sticky pan you can make the pancake without any oil at all, cut the peanutbutter, slice up the almonds and drop them on the pancake while it’s baking in the pan together with all the berries of course ^^ less fat, nearly the same nutrients (peanut butter is processed food so, personally i wouldn’t eat that ;P)

  15. alexpapyz31 Avatar

    Nice recipe. I would use Almond butter.

  16. Becky Johnson Avatar
    Becky Johnson

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  17. evabdjsr Avatar

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  18. matthewladd93 Avatar

    never ate breakfastt before but now i want to

  19. Howler452 Avatar

    Could this work with strawberries cut into small pieces or raspberries? Because I’ve never liked blueberries. If there’s an alternative to the blueberries, great, if not, I guess I could try them. I would just like to know before I do try. Thanks.

  20. Nurul Islam Avatar
    Nurul Islam

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  21. Luis Zapata Avatar
    Luis Zapata

    i like the way he ssay vitamins

  22. TheIntenz Avatar

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  23. burnbellyfatfasttips Avatar

    Like this vid good information

  24. Duc Anh Nguyen Avatar
    Duc Anh Nguyen

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  25. WeightLossChallenge7 Avatar

    I have started my own weight loss program and love watching videos like this with such good information. I have so far lost 26.8kg (59.08lbs) in the first 70 days. It is funny when a lot of people bust their bums at the gym and loose nothing. Weight loss is 70% food 30% gym/cardio/workout. You cannot do just one. I look for meals like this all the time. This was very nice. I have added it twice a week for breakfast. Thanks for your tips again Peter.

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