A RAW DIET of LIVING FOODS + a very simple JUICE RECIPE: cucumber & lemon… yum…

JUICING RECIPE! CLICK(more info)⬆ http://life-regenerator.com *JARS of JUICE http://JARS.life-regenerator.com *VEGGIE WASH http://VEGGIE-WASH.life-regenerato…
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25 responses to “A RAW DIET of LIVING FOODS + a very simple JUICE RECIPE: cucumber & lemon… yum…”

  1. Checkahcheck Avatar

    If you want something to help hair to grow eat Avocado everyday … this guy is on point.

  2. OMFPaulG Avatar

    hah! What do you know…. Jesus DID come back :/

  3. ThaUnknownUniverse Avatar

    do you know whats good for hair and skin?

  4. bigboyburnsy Avatar

    Read the first chapter in the book of Daniel in the Holy Bible, look at the foods Daniel and his men ate and how his countenance differed from the other servants who ate the kings rich common food, what the man in this video is saying is all true.

  5. WickedMo13 Avatar

    “Go Hard in the Mother Fucking Paint!” – Wakka Flakka

  6. 5tonyvvvv Avatar

    How can I make money doing this? I want to quit  my fast food job. and be like Dan!

  7. Lael La Avatar
    Lael La

    Oh hey! Have you thought about intellectus 424 diet (google it)? Ive heard some unbelivable things about it and my mate lost lots of weight with it.

  8. lazimpat12 Avatar

    Hello! Have you considered cleverous 402 diet (google it)? Ive heard some great things about it and my father lost a ton of weight with it.

  9. bcparcher87 Avatar

    – No, putting in an entire lemon in a brevillie juicer will not break it. These particular juicers are animals!!!

  10. Tyler Tolman Avatar
    Tyler Tolman

    Where did you think of this! Very creative, ho-e you like my videos!

  11. thallious9876 Avatar

    Dan the man baby!!! CAN YOU DIG IT!!!

  12. zishami9 Avatar

    Hi! Have you thought about intellectus diet (just google for intellectus424dietcom)? Ive heard some incredible things about it and my sister lost crazy amounts of weight with it.

  13. cheetahxls Avatar

    He’s full of shit. but he’s RIGHT!…thanks for the life lesson macho christ jesus man!

  14. Zoe Collum Avatar
    Zoe Collum

    Thank you , your helping me so much , i just love the truth as it is life giving and So true!!! I’m glad your you ! keep it up dude! No matter what the lower vibrating folks say , they will learn to eat some time ? WAKE UP AND UNDERSTAND , body , mind, soul , Higher self . health it is all part of the process to be all you can be and much more, Listen to Dan The Man . he is really got it on ! thanks so much Dan , love to you bro .

  15. Zoe Collum Avatar
    Zoe Collum

    Thank you , your helping me so much , i just love you truth as it is life giving and so true!!! I’m glad your you ! keep it up dude!

  16. deleonb05 Avatar

    what’s up with the stove????
    if you don’t cook your foods, why have it?

  17. biglikeapickle1 Avatar

    when water fasting to flush one’s body, would taking niacin help the water in flushing the blood and body of impurities?

  18. themooddisorders Avatar

    you should know that this is parody….ask me how

  19. themooddisorders Avatar

    Thanks for the juice recipe! I added a tiny bit of iodized salt….It was good…

  20. Jonathan Swenson Avatar
    Jonathan Swenson

    Jesus makes juice recipes D:

  21. askjdhlakf Avatar

    wtf u forgot to peel of lemon

  22. TokenDrone Avatar

    as ideal as this would be, health food doesnt taste that great to me, Especially nuts, I hate nuts.

  23. coco822002 Avatar

    It really opens up my mind again..:)

  24. sweetpetite12 Avatar

    ya man hard core!!!!

  25. Daniyoyo Avatar

    Hey i been eating alot more fruit and veggies than i use to before, Yes i still eat pizza, soda, etc. but I can truly say i have completed limited my intake of those food and increased my intake of fruit and veggies.

    I can say my intake with Junkfood / Fruit veggies= 25% bad / 75% good and by simply doing so. i have alot of energy as if i been taking energy pills, my skin is looking alot humm..”purer” , i can actualy think stright for some reason lol. and most of all im starting to LOVE idk Y

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