Acai berry weight loss formula day 1

Something new that I am trying and I would love to do with your help.
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2 responses to “Acai berry weight loss formula day 1”

  1. momolady91 Avatar

    Thank you sweetie and ill check it out

  2. MaZaGY1000 Avatar

    hey sexy, wish you luck 🙂 you’re so cute & I just subbed for ya, BUT! idk about this Acai berry thing! what I know is about lipo-6 & stuff like that, all says same thing in guidelines! 30 min b4 meal, 6 hrs b4 sleep! and that because it contains a LOT of caffeine which gonna make side effects in long term (hopefully not)! specially on pressure & sleeping
    So, if you’re gonna workout & going through diet, then start your journey classic way! and if you need supplements then try Liquid L-Carnitin?

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