Acid Alkaline Diet Foods * Alkaline Foods * http The foundation of all alkaline diets is to of course alkalize the body by consuming alkalizing foods! I personally have found that green juice is the best way to alkalize your body and feed your cells with fructose… ONLY the type of fructose that one would find in the form of whole, juiced or blended tree-ripened fruits. The extracted & processed form of fructose that you might see listed in processed foods is NOT a healthy choice. Don’t be afraid to ask the produce manager at the store to sample the fruits before buying them, so you can make sure they are good. They will gladly allow you to do this… especially if you are nice! 😉 Prioritize on being able to afford high quality food for yourself, as you are worth it! It is much better to spend money on building healthy, functioning cells for your own body, instead of later having to pay even more in doctors and hospital bills! You will be removing obstructions that potentially had been clogging up your thyroid gland, adrenals, thymus gland, and your heart… which all could have experienced some calcification with hydrogenated oils, starchy carbohydrates, spices & food additives which are really just acidic chemicals! These chemicals might stimulate in ways that temporarily feel good to your taste buds & your energy level, but they also create scarring inside the body’s tissues… which then leads to inflammation… & then potentially to what is known as a ‘disease.’ In the raw food
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  1. tearosekennedy Avatar

    Where is your source for such outstanding claims and stats? I would really like to know. My entire family is second generation vegan and do not have these deficiencies. AT ALL. If you don’t come back with a source then I politely accuse you of simply making things up.

  2. vinged Avatar

    im here for you and im out of here 🙂

  3. OurDemocratRaceCard Avatar

    911 was  an inside Job, watch vid

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  4. OurDemocratRaceCard Avatar

    Keep going, you’re doing Great ! watch these Raw vegan channels for the Truth


  5. OurDemocratRaceCard Avatar

    watch this  amazing video ,


  6. kosai19 Avatar

    I wouldn’t even say you were wrong. Like myself, I didn’t take “these people” seriously because they turned veganism and raw foods into a “cult.” Many used it as a group they could be part of to exclude others and put them down for their “bad food choices.” There was so much negativity with veganism that I also dismissed it. Dan was the first who didn’t tie your personality to food and just made it more accessible that way. He left the judgement out and made it mentally palatable.

  7. joeldunsdon Avatar

    If you want to build muscle stop wasting your time watching this guys videos.

  8. Jeremytragic Avatar

    Great vibe man…

  9. acdpt Avatar

    Years ago, I would have looked at you like you are a quack.

    Now, I am on a juice fast, and trying really hard to get in touch with my body. Experiencing the powerful effects of leaves and other greens, I am deeply impressed. Energy through the roof. Clarity is crystal. When I see people at the checkout with baskets full of garbage, it breaks my heart. I love filling myself with all these wonderful foods.

    I was wrong for dismissing this movement so quickly.

  10. 99cachorro Avatar

    You are 100% right about the nutrition our bodies need and are starving for. Its a shame the most powerful nation on earth cant get enough of the right nutrition in our bodies and suffer with a 50% cancer rate.

  11. ovechkin100 Avatar

    “and the raw food guys goin “NO HERE JUST PUT OUT THE FIRE” *grabs hose*…. lmao…. dan you are such an aesome human being!!

  12. xPureLife Avatar

    I’m really not sure if this is the ideal dietary regime program for anyone, yet DietOramy eating plan surely allows my dad melt off all of that built up body weight. There’s a whole lot of free info on the net over it, simply use Google…

  13. johnosandra Avatar

    man u wanna alkalise i wanna punch you in the face

  14. Shelldall Avatar

    You look super healthy..

  15. MichaelBoryAlis Avatar

    Commit to five pounds of carrots juiced a day, I saw mine cleared up in two weeks. Carrots have Vitamin A in the form of Pro Vitamin A which is non-toxic. Put a Granny Smith apple in it two sweeten it.

  16. STORYTASTIC Avatar

    i eat between 4 and 6 thousand calories a day of mostly fruit..bananas and dates are my favorite…i also eat veggies greens and a little nuts and seeds but my fruitarian raw diet is like 30 bananas and 80 dates sometimes..blended in a smoothie …tuff at first then easy to get all the calories!

  17. cyscoi Avatar

    how much fruits and what fruits  i must eat for example to arrive at 6000 calories a day? thanks for the answer

  18. STORYTASTIC Avatar

    at least 6000 calories a day of fruit..thats how! all the amino acids u will ever need are in the fruit!! nuts and seeds are weak!

  19. 2ultramax Avatar

    Dan my little girl has ECZEMA please HELP me make her better. PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. 2ultramax Avatar

    Dan my little girl has ECZEMA please HELP mr make her better. PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. luis14chelsea Avatar

    dude no ofense but you have no muscle, you look skinny as hell

  22. Scottjazz55 Avatar

    Like you channel. I’ve just recently lost 44 pounds by balancing my PH. I have been trying for 5 years to lose. The DIFFERENCE with this time is that I don’t feel hungry after meals. It’s so different. I’m not used to that. Before I remember I could easily be hungry an hour after eating and get a piece of toast or something else. I watched a video called “Sick, fat, and nearly dead” that was just excellent. I also like what you said about being a kid again. I have felt like that recently.

  23. TheGuardianCore Avatar

    ..But Mister Bee Loves you ;w;

  24. m9hifidelitytv Avatar


  25. maddmuppetonacid Avatar

    I hear u man, great vid, great energy but can you give me a good enough reason, why I shouldn’t eat eggs, bear in mind I work out a lot, thanks

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