Acne Clearing Diet: Breakfast

I am eating clean to clear my acne. I am avoiding dairy, soy, and gluten. I am avoiding all grains for that matter. I am getting my carbs from fruits and vegetables but mainly vegetables. I am eating lots of healthy fats like olive oil, walnut oil, cod liver oil, organic real butter, whole organic eggs, almonds, walnuts, & flax seeds. I am eating lean proteins like white turkey meat, white meat chicken breast, and fatty fish, like salmon. I am also eating beans and peas sometimes. Those also account for carbs. I am not using any topical creams specifically designated for acne at this time. I am not against them but at the moment I am concentrating on diet alone. Later on, I will add in a topical treatment just to polish off my skin. I believe diet has much to do with acne as many people have food intolerance’s that purge through their skin and cause inflammation throughout their bodies. I also believe in not making yourself miserable over your diet and giving yourself some room to breathe. Make sure you eat foods you enjoy. If not, you will be less likely to stick to any diet. You may be able to do it for a short while, but since you are miserable you will have a tendency to binge and eat something totally off your diet like processed, sugary packaged cookies or brownies for example. Find healthy alternatives for the foods you love. Make vegan brownies with real cocoa powder and sweeten with agave or honey and add some healthy flaxseeds in them too (just an example





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  1. icebreaker753 Avatar

    Not to be disrespectful, just a compliment. Your have wonderful breast.

  2. Chris Brice Avatar
    Chris Brice

    that’s like saying, instead of eating healthy you can just eat a poisin pill

  3. chieflittlewolf Avatar

    You can use the aloe plant on your face for acne. I have oily skin but no acne anymore. I just wash my face with hot water to open my pores and keep my face clean. Hope this helps.

  4. dermlover1 Avatar

    I took Accutane twice. My acne still came back. It did not come back as bad, obviously but it still came up again. It did help me a whole lot though. My acne was so painful and horrible for me before. Accutane really is a great medication. Too bad it is horrible for your body….

  5. illestlatino95 Avatar

    or just take accutane takes 1 second a day

  6. zistabob Avatar

    damn! you got the greatest pair of titts i ever seen!

  7. MrPrestige350 Avatar

    Thanks, you are so awesome you have to reply twice to answer one question 🙂

  8. gogetatr12 Avatar

    damnit…….you look good as fuck

  9. dermlover1 Avatar

    So my answer is, yes, I recommend cooking with coconut oil over walnut oil.

  10. dermlover1 Avatar

    I am cooking with coconut oil only now. I vary rarely cook with olive oil anymore, but I occasionally do use olive oil when I cook on very low temperatures. 

  11. MrPrestige350 Avatar

    Do you recommend cooking with walnut oil over coconut oil?

  12. dermlover1 Avatar

    Whole foods.

  13. arineido Avatar

    @Person underneath my comment.. you sound like a troll..

  14. R3ADY2GRO Avatar

    where did u get the perfect food green blend?

  15. bakfietsimam Avatar

    i have a problem, i am an ectomorph so i eat everything i can get my hands on.. what can i do to prevent acne (i have that) and still be able to get some serious protein and calories in my body?

  16. skipplet Avatar

    I had acne problems for years and have slowly learned what not to eat. Those foods in your list are all the exact foods I avoid eating.

  17. GWDurkin1 Avatar

    So would you say this is a pretty solid fix? Like how good does it work?

  18. ihearyoucall Avatar

    something amazing to drink is from naked juice- green machine
    it has sooo many fruits and vegitables and no added sugar and tastes like a green apple(:

  19. dermlover1 Avatar

    Also, I am uploading a video on why you need fats and cholesterol in your diet. Check back or subscribe to my channel to watch the video. The video will explain why I suggest coconut oil or butter to cook with as opposed to more touted oils like vegetable oils and refined oils and margarine.

  20. dermlover1 Avatar

    Free radicals lead to inflammation, which is acne’s enemy! I think eggs are fine but don’t go overboard and have 2 many. I think 1-2 is fine. Also, some people have food intolerance’s to eggs, so if you notice breakouts after eggs or you think they can be traced back to eggs then do not eat them. Also, pepper is fine, just don’t make it too spicy. Spicy foods can sometimes make acne worse (not always). Mild and medium spice is cool though, in my opinion.

  21. dermlover1 Avatar

    I am not a nutritionist but I eat eggs most mornings. I use whole, organic, cage free eggs. Do not use any vegetable oil to cook your eggs. Cook them in a little butter or coconut oil. If you are going to use olive oil to cook your eggs, make sure it is on a very low heat. Vegetable oils and other oils like olive oil tend to go rancid at higher temperatures and can actually make your acne worse because the rancid oils increase free radicals in the body.

  22. FOGHATfan4life Avatar

    can you eat eggs like scambled, fried, and omlettes with a little pepper? and if so can you eat them daily for breakfast?

  23. dermlover1 Avatar

    Thanks. I try to eat the best I can but I am not perfect. I slip up too.

  24. dermlover1 Avatar

    Lol Maybe

  25. dermlover1 Avatar

    Nope, never had it. It sounds good though. Too bad I am not eating flour at the moment.

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